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  2. I was referring to making it 1QB,2RB 3WR, 1TE, 1K, ID and 2flex. 11 total starters. Being able to start 1 more player would lessen luck and increase skill.
  3. Congratulations to House of Cards being top scorer putting up 172 points. CJ Anderson led the way with 30.40 followed closely by Ty Montgomery's 29. Side note Jarvis Landry in his first game scored 20.10. I couldn't believe how far he fell in drafts in September. VCSTAFF came in second with 156.25 points which included a donut from Jordy Nelson. What could have been, what could have been. Doughboys rounds out the top 3 with a 154.15 point week. No major superstar points this week just an all around solid effort by the team other than 18 from Detroit's Defense. Team Real Swipes got a big goose egg from QB due to the late scratch of Sam Bradford. Only other QB on roster is Luck. Ouch! In a 13 week total points league every point counts. 2Packer 351 vcstaff 282 Brown Panda 276 Kobeez Krew 270 House of Cards 264 Doughboys 256 Tree Huggers 251 DudePlatinum 243 Jake Butt's Ex 223 Rednecks 222 Real Swipes 213 Sudden Birth 175
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  5. We've had 10 years with the current format with no changes to roster or scoring. I know some people like to keep improving but we prefer keeping with tradition and I think that's one of the main reasons FFPC players return year to year. Let's give it 10 more years and re-evaluate then?
  6. It's new this year. Being in Revelations we are cutting edge and need to keep evolving otherwise we will go stagnant and die like soon to be Genesis. Revelations will be the most talked about league in all of fantasy sports. I envision sponsorships for all drafters in the years to come. Week 2 will be up later this week. How have you been? Surgery go good?
  7. We have dual flex.....start 4 WR's if you desire.....or 4 RB's....or 3 TE's. This is one of the allures of the FFPC set-up. More flexibility when drafting and WDIS decisions. Takes much more skill than being forced to start 3 WR's.
  8. Would the FFPC consider adding a 3rd WR to its starting lineups? This is a game of skill and by playing an extra wr would reward managers for having good draft and a deep bench. I think skilled players would welcome the change.
  9. I joined multiple league here. If you did the same post your best and worst rankings In the BFG I am a Fantasy Genius , team name Badges, we don't need no stinking badges, 188.7 points 12th place out of 7200 I am a Fantasy Idiot , team name NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP, 79 points, 7110 place out of 7200
  10. Interesting, 2Packer, I don't remember your posting the week one scores in years past.
  11. Tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... concerned should you be about Odell Beckham? Tarik Cohen a real thing? ...and should you start Jeremy Maclin over Dez Bryant this week? Plus, the second place team in the FFPC Main Event Matt Keifling drops in to talk about his draft decisions, how good Adam Thielen can be and much more. We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Matt Keifling! 2017 FFPC Main Event Week 1 2nd Place Team Owner Matt Keifling
  12. What an underwhelming week 1 of football. Fantasy football can be really cruel at times with the losses to key guys such as Edelman, Ware, A Rob, and the number 1 overall pick David Johnson. Whoever drafted Kareem Hunt must be loving life right now. Genius, or luck? I'll let you decide. I'm going to try to improve on my 206 from last week now that Mike Evans isn't on bye. Still plenty of football left to play. This is a 13 week total points marathon not a sprint to make the playoffs. Here are the results after week 1. 2Packer 206 Brown Panda 144 Rednecks 129 vcstaff 126 Kobeez Krew 117 Tree Huggers 112 DudePlatinum 110 Real Swipes 109 Doughboys 102 Jake Butt's Ex 94 House of Cards 92 Sudden Birth 85
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  14. I am a newcomer to FFPC and while I read the FFPC rules for Classic leagues, I really see little explanation about bid groups and how these get processed. For example, I put together three bid groups for last Wednesday's waivers. In one bid group I bid $27 on Trevor Siemian dropping Deshawn Watson. I ended up losing Siemian to another player who bid $5. My guess is that since this was my second bid group and the second qb listed in that group (I was outbid on my first qb listed) that this must have been the other player's first priority in his only bid group. But, I really don't know for sure and don't know exactly why a lower priced bid can win out over a higher priced one. I searched "waivers" on the message boards and did not see an explanation although I did see a mention that a detailed explanation in waivers would be forthcoming back in 2014. Is there a very detailed explanation of how waivers are run that I can access? I really feel this lack of information about the waiver process puts newcomers at an unnecessary competitive disadvantage in FFPC leagues.
  15. I disagree and wish FFPC had an app. The mobile site is barely passable as It is not that easy to scroll around on a phone compared to other FF sites. This is my first year using FFPC but I doubt I will be entering any leagues in FFPC next year unless either the mobile site becomes much more easier to use (ex: entering waiver bids) on an I-Phone or there is an easy to use app. As it is there are too many steps I have to go through and too much difficulty in scrolling, to get the information I want during the draft and during the waiver bid period.
  16. Remember, listeners, no show tonight as Dave and I are busy with the FFPC Live Events at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Hopefully, you canstill squeeze in another draft or two before the NFL season kicks off league-wide on Sunday! 2017 Still Available FFPC Leagues
  17. Will there be waivers tonight (Sep 7th) for Main Event teams drafted on 2 Sep?
  18. Well...after chopping out one team, it looks good to go. I got blocked in 47 countries, but USA ain't one. ;-) :-) Enjoy! Perfect timing to kickoff the season!
  19. You have to have room on your bench to put Luck back on your bench. With you being maxed out at IR spot not sure how you go about doing that swap without dropping a player.....
  20. Wondering if a solution is coming for the above dilemma. Unsure what step is needed to resolve.
  21. I'm not sure what to do here... I can now put RB Joe Williams on IR, but at the moment I am maxed out at three IR'd players. One of them is Andrew Luck, who I need to remove from IR to make room for Williams. Right now I click on the drop down button near IR'd Andrew Luck and the only option is "Drop Player" Does "dropping" Luck from IR place him back on my bench, or does dropping Luck mean dropping him to the waiver wire pool? Being maxed out at three, the drop down options on Joe Williams do not include the option to IR him. I see a deadline for removing Luck from IR by tomorrow, but unsure how to maneuver.
  22. Thanks to Darren Armani from (you know, the muscle behind the Pros Vs. Joes competition), you can now view the add/drop reports for FFPC leagues twice weekly. The link below is where you can check out last night's report, the first run of the year for the FFPC. Thanks, Darren! FFPC Add/Drop Report
  23. Not sure what kind of speech logic would be needed for this, how advanced to not butcher half the player names. I also question now many would be annoyed by this and turn it off. I would bet more than 50%, maybe 75%+ would? So if we are adding a complex feature for 25% or less of FFPC players, is it worth the trouble and cost (which it may very well end up being)?
  24. Remember, listeners, no show tonight as Dave and I are busy with the Footballguys Players Championship Labor Day Draft-A-Thon. Hopefully, you can jump in a few drafts and help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey. For every Draft-A-Thon draft that fills, we'll be donating $50 to J.J. Watt's relief fund. Have a great holiday weekend, and see you in the draft rooms! 2017 Footballguys Players Championship Labor Day Draft-A-Thon
  25. RobV- If you are asking about a mobile device, I'm not sure this helps. But on a desktop, you can make the page layout smaller by clicking the Ctrl tab and minus tab at the same time.....more than once if needed. This allows you to see the whole screen at one time. I usually have the draft board in a separate tab or I pull up the draft board on my ipad or phone so that both can be viewed simultaneously Alex- A thought.....wonder what others think? I know it would help me. Could the software speak each draft pick's name, similar to "you are up next" and "now you are on the clock"?
  26. For any rabid fantasy football fanatics... I've finished creating the 2017 draft slot allocation video I make as commish of my home league. This is a link to the file. In the upper left, there is a download link. In order to fully appreciate the video, I recommend waiting for it to download so it plays smoothly with no choppiness, (roughly 1 gig) and watching it on a big screen with loud speakers! Preferably reclined and with beverage of choice in hand!!At-FmLRFxEy-gtBiQ_rqXsTJIzOspw As always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!!!
  27. Been a while since this page had any action. Would be fun to pick back up again. Stunning call, SBM. I never understood the idea of mining to create money out of thin air, but the concept of an alternative to the US $ as reserve currency has always seemed inevitable as China econ expands. I still don't understand why Bitcoin other than black market exchange. But I do understand booms, like Tulips, Dot Com, etc. Clearly I wouldn't say Bitcoin is just getting started, but 10K is not out of the question in a hurry. The problem I see is there is significant Bitcoin demand from everyday folk, but there are not many simple, liquid ways to invest. So for the time being, Demand outstrips Supply. As WS buys in to the mania, they will flood the market with ETFs. And then, it will begin to collapse. Haven't done my annual NFL draft stock picks for the year, but I still share them every year with a group that likes to mirror my investment funds. Last year my pick was SCTY, which ultimately became TSLA at 150. I recall some were onto TSLA very early. I do not have a model S, but I did plunk down a deposit for a Model 3 the first wk it was available to do so. I did not own much TSLA stock beyond a token buy at 100 year ago. So SCTY was intended to be a tracking stock to TSLA with the backdoor idea that Musk would one day buy his cousin's company. TSLA acquired SCTY a few months later, lol. This year, I gave 2 picks. The first was NVDA at 100 with buys down to 75 if you remember how I like to build via Pyramid scheme. It never went much below 100 so we didn't get much of the pyramid built. The second was X at 23 with buys down to 10. We got buys at 23 and 20 but have yet to get more than that. It trades at 26 today. I traded the steel names via X and MT in front of the last econ cycle over a decade ago. If you pull up any of those charts, you will see what a fun ride that was. I expect it to double and triple from 25 assuming this cycle repeats every other one. So far, it is repeating verbatim. I expect it to continue to consolidate before ripping again Dec/Jan (which is always the month steel stocks typically run). And then the next legs higher happen in 2018 thru to 2020. Still have half the original SIRI from under a buck. And FB from 25. I also lost my entire investment in Blockbuster. But I get even many weeks by trading NFLX options, lol. If this thread gets any interest again, I'll make sure I post my 2018 picks next year. Anyone else have any interesting ideas this year?
  28. RobV - I've found opening a second browser or the draft board in a separate tab helps. Draft board is delayed a few seconds but if you have sound on, it still warns you when on deck and then up to pick. To me, simplest way would be to add time clock to the draft board but slight time delay may come into play? Either way, Draft board is easier to follow vs draft results on the selection page. Try that vs cumbersome scroll.
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