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  2. Byron Marshall -WR?

    Take a look here. So did you recently change him? $250 Dynasty League #25 QB: N. Foles (PHI)RB: D. Cook (MIN), J. Mixon (CIN), S. Perine (WAS), D. Foreman (HOU), T. Cohen (CHI), J. McKinnon (MIN)WR: C. Kupp (LA), K. Allen (LAC), S. Watkins (LA), J. Gordon (CLE), Z. Jones (BUF), K. White (CHI), M. Williams (LAC), C. Samuel (CAR), D. Westbrook (JAC), R. Anderson (NYJ), K. Cole (JAC)TE: E. Engram (NYG), R. Seals-Jones (ARI), A. Seferian-Jenkins (NYJ)PK: J. Lambo (JAC)DF: PIT
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  4. Well most of this would be common sense shit. There are always a couple clowns in every league that think they'll 'get over' in such an obvious way. And for those in the cheap seats with little experience or knowledge, the reason I make so many successful deals quickly are twofold: 1) Be willing to assume risk 2) The person you're trading with has to believe they got the better of you, and won the player or piece of their desire, or at minimum both teams improved and walk away happy. No one is going to make a deal they feel they 'lost'. Period.
  5. We had a new player just come in to our league and I immediately get a Nick Foles for the 1.4 offer. I never know if somebody doesn't understand player values in dynasty or if they are just being funny. I love talking trades and I think the key is making it fair for both teams. You have to try and fill a void on another team with your offer. What I mean is that if another team has Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz, you are probably wasting your time offering them a QB...... Wayne
  6. Perhaps your trade offers are horrible? I love trading, but it gets old when the offers are so lopsided they’re not funny anymore.
  7. Tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...what AFC West receiver could be in for a big bounceback? ...should Kareem Hunt be out of the first round conversation? ...and we take a look at how the quarterbacks finished in 2017. Plus the 2017 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge $100,000 champion Mike Dziedzic drops in talk about how he constructed the six-figure lineup, how Quincy Enunwa fits back into 2018 drafts and much more! We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Mike Dziedzic! $100,000 FFPC Playoff Challenge Champion Michael Dziedzic
  8. Side comment. It seems that emails (picks in a DE or dynasty trade offers) are being sent out in large batches again. This happened before and I cannot recall how it was adjusted.
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  10. I like to think of myself as an active owner as well. Inactive owners are at a disadvantage but still have a Powerball's chance to win.
  11. You could always change the updates in progress message to this?
  12. 5000 entry league sounds fun! 1. Invictus 2. Team 747 3. ProSlackers 4. Real Man of Genius 5. Catlike Reflexes 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  13. I would think if you had a couple consecutive losing, or non competitive seasons would be enough impetus to propel you to more aggressive activity via trading. Especially if you witness one or two owners leap frog to the money round with the right deal or two. I've always felt this format confronts your personality more than any other Game Format does. If you're not willing to take risk, or your magnified fear of 'losing a trade' matters more than losing the league, I believe you're destined to mediocrity at best. Other owners really don't keep track or care about your trades they're not involved in, but we all keep track who's won the league, or is more consistently in the money rounds. As far as creating a method of activity, most likely choosing active owners is the foundation, or I've heard of some private leagues going so far as to penalize non replying or non engaging owners either FA money or draft picks.
  14. Interesting topic. I am one of the more active owners in my 2 dyne leagues. I have been fortunate in the respect that some owners have rejected some of my trade offers that, in hindsight, would have really damaged my ability to be competitive. So in that respect I am thankful that some owners operate out of the fear of losing a trade. There is an owner in one of my leagues who is one of the most active owners I have competed against. I have seen him go from first to worst in a very short period of time. So actively trading is not necessarily the panacea to winning a league. My question is what is the solution to motivating owners to be more active?
  15. Bub we should get 12 of the most active owners in FFPC dyno and create the most ACTIVE league ever!!
  16. 5000 entry league sounds fun! 1. Invictus 2. Team 747 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  17. Sounds like time to put together a league with the most active owners FFPC have to offer, trade freaks only!! 1250 or 2500 startup league ( Invite only )? The 3 of us bring in 3 team each? 1. Invictus 2. Real Man of Genius 3. Team 747 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  18. Tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...what NFC North tight end is due for a big breakout in 2018? ...who is the better draft pick this season: Melvin Gordon or Kareem Hunt? ...and we play a dynasty “Would You Rather…” with the 1.01 pick! Plus the 2017 FPC third place finisher Greg Pignatelli drops by to discuss if Derrick Henry will be overvalued and Hunter Henry will be undervalued and talk about his rise up the leader board in the Championship Round. We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Greg Pignatelli! 2017 3rd Place Footballguys $15,000 Winner Greg Pignatelli
  19. If possible, it would be helpful if team names were frozen each year for archiving. Example: Team Awesome changes his name to Team Bye Bye this month and I cannot recall what Team Bye Bye's name used to be, so I pull up the archived season from 2016 and 2015 and all I see is Team Bye Bye. Team Awesome is completely gone. Not good.
  20. The worst are the owners that won't even respond to trade offers period. I would say that is 35-40% of each league. Capitalist makes some good points however I don't think that simply drafting a good startup team is enough to stay in the money for years to come. Hell if every owner did 3 trades a year per league....that would be awesome! I am honestly talking about the bottom 3-4 teams in every league that can't decide if they are youth focused or want to go out and get a bunch of vets. Then, when it comes trade deadline time, they are 3-7, have 8 VPs and have a roster that isn't going anywhere. And what do they most often do at the $1250 or above leagues. I just don't get it.
  21. Tonight on a SPECIAL THURSDAY NIGHT edition of The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...what’s the fantasy fallout from Mr. Smith going to Washington? ...what are the dynasty prospects for Christian Kirk? ...and is there a 2018 version of Alvin Kamara waiting to be drafted into the NFL this April? Plus the the 2017 FPC $250,000 champs Michael Abt & Justin Smyly join the show to talk all about their win, how they did it after whiffing on tight ends in their draft and much more! We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Michael Abt and Justin Smyly! $250,000 Footballguys Champions Michael Abt & Justin Smyly
  22. Good to see an experienced, successful vet weigh in. This is pretty active and along the lines of my teams as well. And the aspect that isn't talked about too much is 'Fun Factor' of being an active owner....Priceless.
  23. So I have one dynasty league here and here is how it was built. Andrew Luck - trade (Jimmy Graham and 1.10 for Luck. I overpaid but he is Luck) David Johnson - draft 2.5 Devonta Freeman - trade ( It was a long time ago and I don't remember who I traded for him) Odell Beckham - trade - I traded Antonio Brown for him this year whom I had drafted Deandre Hopkins - draft Davante Adam - trade (3 seconds in 2017) Brandin Cooks - trade ( I don't remember what I gave for him) Jordan Reed - trade ( Allen Robinson - I definitely lost this one) Tyler Eifert - draft Jack Doyle - waivers Kenyan Drake - waivers Tevin Coleman - trade (2.12 which was used on Keith Marshall) Ameer Abdullah - trade ( I traded TJ Yeldon and we both lost) The rest of the team is WW fodder except Dak which as a trade. So my experience is very limited but it seems like trades have been very key for me. In the startup I know I got Arian Foster and Antonio Brown which were great building blocks. Beyond that it's been mostly trades outside of drafting David Johnson 2 years ago. Not sure what this means but that's how this team was put together. Wayne
  24. Well I hit a nerve didn't I? Enjoy the trough of mediocrity.
  25. Interesting assumption, I'd certainly like to see the numbers backing up this assertion...otherwise, nothing but trolling, I'm sure you'd agree. After all, you know as well as I do successful teams can be built through the draft, trades, or waivers or a combination of all three. But to unequivocally state that the least trading teams are automatically the biggest losers...well, that seems a stretch without some data. Really, the post comes off as if you just got another trade offer shot down and you're fed up and are lashing out. I'll bite: I get enjoyment from building a team through the draft, shrewdly working the waivers (and damn! the FFPC vets are good at this; I find this aspect more fun than trading), and finally accepting trades that benefit my team or at the least benefit both teams. I'll say this about what I've learned over the 22 years I've been playing: a common denominator I see with teams that trade a lot isn't championships won; it's the need to move on to the next trade...essentially these owners are playing for the 'high of the trade', win or lose be damned. Basically a gambling addiction is what I'd equate it to. Once the high of the negotiation ends and the consummation of the trade is over, it's time to look for the next trade. Another common denominator is hyperactive traders tend to label owners who don't send out offers every week or accept their offers as 'non-active' owners. Nothing could be further from the truth. An active owner is one who visits the site regularly, submits a well-thought out lineup on time, judiciously works the waiver wire , and responds to trade offers in a timely fashion. Not accepting or initiating trade offers is not sufficient grounds to label someone 'non-active'. I'm writing this as someone who used to average between 35-38 trades a year in a 17-year dynasty league. In FFPC, if I complete 3-5 trades in a league a year, they must've been some pretty damn good offers. Pig out
  26. Einstein's theory hard at work here...the other one. "The definition of insanity"
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