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  2. From last year's posting on January 3rd. This worked out much better IMO.
  3. Can the FFPC explain the process of assigning positions to players? Byron Marshall was listed by the Eagles as a RB and actually played as RB in 2016/2017 He was on the practice squad this year as a RB before Washington picked him up. Why is he listed as a WR?
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  5. Can I get confirmation on the cut to 16 roster date for the 2018 season? If I remember correctly, and maybe I don't, it was extended last season past Feb 28th and I wanted to confirm if that would be the case this year or are we still going to remain with end of February? Two weeks later makes a difference in how I would manage some rosters.
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  7. Tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...can Samaje Perine be the difference for you getting into the playoffs? ...should an activated Danny Woodhead be in your lineup this weekend? ...and does Jason Witten or Tyler Kroft make for a stronger start in Week 11? Plus the second place team in the Footballguys Players Championship Robert Abbott drops in to talk about what waiver wire receivers stand the best chance at being top-30 wideouts the rest of the way, the effect that Nathan Peterman will have on Charles Clay and Kelvin Benjamin and much more! We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Robert Abbott! Robert Abbott: 2017 Footballguys Week 10 2nd Place Team Owner
  8. Sorry, Kern!
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  10. Week 10 week in review. Only 3 more weeks to battle for final playoff spots. Brown Panda brings home the top spot of the week with a 157.35 led by Sterling Shepards 25.2 and Devin Funchess with 26.20. Old Man Fitz still bringing it with 21.30. Rednecks comes in 2nd with 154.90. Led by Adam Thielen's 30.6, Jimmy Grahams 23.70, and a couple rookies in Ju JU with 20.7 & CMC with 20. Fournette was a turd this week scoring only 6.6. Anyone follow Ju Ju on youtube? Kobeez Krew rounds out the top 3 with 154.05 led by future hall of famer Robert Woods 37.10 and Greg Zuerleins 17.60. Yes, kickers are important. Anyone else miss the boat this year on Robert Woods? I even had that stone in dynasty and cut him when the season started. Jake Butt's Ex is the Eric Balkman award winner for the 2nd week in a row scoring 86 this week. Make sure you hit up Eric for your free adult beverage. If Shane keeps winning this award he is going to become the butt of all jokes. Overall standings after 10 weeks. For the 2nd time in 3 weeks Mr Hunter and team Tree Huggers takes over the top spot. Sending virtual high five. We are starting to see some seperation for that last playoff spot. VCSTAFF holds a 37 point lead with 3 weeks to go. Tree Huggers 1379 2Packer 1374 Brown Panda 1333 Kobeez Krew 1313 Doughboys 1302 vcstaff 1281 Captain Underpants 1244 Sudden Birth 1241 Rednecks 1235 Real Swipes 1196 DudePlatinum 1189 Jake Butt's Ex 1123
  11. It makes no sense to lock out players from FA starting week 10 in Classic leagues. These are 12 team leagues there is no 250K prize on the line you would have to have some pretty pathetic people if they are trying to collude in a 12 team league. There are waivers until week 16 there is no reason to be locking out players starting in week 10 it kills entire FA pool what was the point of saving money if there are no players left to pick up and if you get a couple QB injuries you are screwed with no QB's left to pick as example in 1 of my classics 3 starting QBs were dropped this week that shallows out the pool so if you get a QB injury your picking up the back up QB of your team if your lucky. Suggestion start locking out players that are dropped week 13 since the playoffs weeks 14-16. Will be back next year when the same rules are posted and nothing is changed as it never is changed.
  12. Tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... Corey Davis a sneaky start for Week 10? ...what sleeper tight end is a lock to get into the end zone this weekend? ...and who is the better dynasty running back: Le’Veon Bell or Todd Gurley? Plus the Week 9 seventh-place team owner in the Footballguys Players Championship Ryan Pohle drops by the show to break down the most difficult aspect of being a successful high stakes player, cutting Will Fuller and much more! We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Ryan Pohle!
  13. Week 9 review. It's go time only 4 weeks left. Doughboys with the top spot scoring 158.85. He was led by Jared Goff with 31.55. WOW what a difference getting rid of that stone Fisher makes. Marvin Jones chipped in with 29.7 and hands of stone Jared Cook hauled in 24.6. Seriously Jared Cook went 8 for 126 yards. "rolls eyes" 2Packer with the 2nd best scoring 155.05. He wasn't too happy losing the overall lead last week so he had Mike Evans bitch slap Marshon Lattimore. Rookie Alvin Kamara led the way with 33.2, followed closely by Tyrod Taylors 31.75. Thanks for the 2.3 points Mike Evans. Your 0 this week isn't going to help retain the lead. Kobeez Krew comes in 3rd with 142.15. Let's just say this was a lucky 142.15 Robert Woods 23, Julius Thomas 23.4, & Greg Zuerlein with 18.30. I don't see that ever happening again this season. Rod Smith with a goose egg this week at RB. C'Mon man! You are better than that. You gotta hit the waiver wire and field a lineup. Jake Butt's Ex is the Eric Balkman award winner limping in with 79.6. It's been a challenging year for the new comer Shane as he's currently last in the overall. We do thank you for donating this year. overall standings after week 9 2Packer 1281 Tree Huggers 1267 vcstaff 1193 Brown Panda 1176 Doughboys 1173 Kobeez Krew 1159 Sudden Birth 1125 Captain Underpants 1119 Rednecks 1080 DudePlatinum 1076 Real Swipes 1054 Jake Butt's Ex 1037
  14. Tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...who is the better bet for a late-season run: Corey Coleman or Dede Westbrook? ...what will Kelvin Benjamin do for Tyrod Taylor? ...and can you plug Jay Ajayi in your lineup right away? Plus the second place team in the FFPC Main Event Matt Berman joins us to talk about why Zach Ertz was his pick over Greg Olsen, a dynasty Would You Rather... with Andrew Luck and much, much more! We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Matt Berman! Matt Berman: 2017 FFPC Main Event Week 8 2nd Place Team Owner
  15. Huggers. So lucky. And so good-looking. He has it all. I hate him.
  16. Saddle up Pilgrim! There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Todd Hunter. Tree Huggers puts up a massive 222.80 to crush everyone this week and move into 1st place in the overall standings. Russell Wilson with 40.60 what a great game that was vs the Texans. Zeke with 28.40, Kelce 29.8, Baltimore D with 31 and then this guy definately has a lucky horse shoe up his butt getting 22.50 out of Robby Anderson & 28.50 from Paul Richardson. Dude Platinum wins 2nd prize in the beauty contest scoring 140.05. Jack Doyle with a 36.10. Who is Jack Doyle?? Sudden Birth rounds out the top 3 with 138.85 led by Will all I do is score touchdown bombs Fullers 29.50, Tom Brady 20.85, Kai Forbath 17.30 a kicker! Who said kickers aren't important? Rednecks is this weeks Eric Balkman award winner bringing up the rear with a 103.8. Ju Ju not only looked good on TV, but looked really good on his bench this week. Overall standings after week 8. Week 9 brings us another round of a brutal bye week. Tree Huggers 1127 2Packer 1126 vcstaff 1063 Brown Panda 1056 Sudden Birth 1032 Kobeez Krew 1016 Doughboys 1014 Captain Underpants 988 Rednecks 974 Jake Butt's Ex 957 DudePlatinum 947 Real Swipes 943
  17. With PA getting ready to pass a massive new gambling law which includes fantasy football, what does this mean to the FFPC?
  18. Tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...can you trust any Texans in your lineup this week? Golden Tate worth waiting until Sunday night for? ...and will Joe Mixon finally break out against Indy? Plus the seventh-place team owner in the Footballguys Players Championship going into Week 7 Paul Gromek talks about Aaron Jones chances at sustaining top-25 running back value and much, much more! We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Paul Gromek! 2017 Footballguys Week Six 7th Place Team Owner Paul Gromek
  19. The bill passed and is on the way to the governor for signature. The $50K + 15% tax is a hefty price to pay to operate in a single state but the FFPC will likely be able to overcome this and remain in PA. Can't say the same for any other small fantasy sports operator. Unless they do it without a license, which would be extremely unwise as the PA Gaming Commission will be the governing body of the fantasy sports industry.
  20. Alex, What is your best guess on if FFPC will continue to operate in PA after this bill likely passes tomorrow? $50,000 license fee for 5 years, revenue taxed at 15%.
  21. Week 7 review Tree Huggers take the top spot of the week for the 2nd time scoring 159. Zeke Elliott not only knows how to beat a woman but a defense scoring 40.90 "Sassy!" Russell Wilson chipped in with 29.7 & Zach Ertz with 22.4 2Packer comes in at 2nd with 155.90. Led by I'm really good when I decide to play on Sunday Jordan Reed 30.4 & Gurley w/ 25.4. The Adrian Peterson hype train came to a dead stop with only 4.3. Doughboys rounds out the top 3 with 150.75. Led my Tyreek Hills 25.20. Did you know Dave Gerczak has a man crush on him? It's true I saw it on the internet. Mark Ingram chips in with 21 and the Dallas D scores a solid 16. This weeks Eric Balkman award recipient goes to House of Cards scoring 79.55. Make sure you hit up Eric on Twitter for that kleenex & free beer. Overall standings after week 7. Still 6 weeks left so continue the waiver wire grind & setting those lineups. 2Packer 1014 vcstaff 948 Brown Panda 936 Tree Huggers 905 Sudden Birth 894 Kobeez Krew 886 Doughboys 882 House of Cards 878 Rednecks 870 Jake Butt's Ex 835 Real Swipes 820 DudePlatinum 807
  22. 2Packer, excellent coverage this year. I missed your earlier question- but, yes, heart surgery went very well- I am Wasp 2.0 according to the cardiologist!
  23. Just a question and a few comments... GREAT JOB on each small (and not so small) upgrade your team has been adding to the software! I've loved the ones I've noticed, and I'm sure there are even more flying under the radar. One request would be to pile on years as the years go on to the player stats and fantasy points we see when clicking on a player. So far it has been the current season, and the prior year, but if it were possible, it would be outstanding to have a dropdown that went back even further. Not looking for retroactive programming, but just adding a year as each year passes, so in 2020 we can click a dropdown box and still be able to see the breakdown schedules and fantasy production from 2019 through 2016. In a prefect world, it would be awesome to have some indicator on our "My Teams" page that showed you if you had oustanding trade offers for dynasty leagues. (like we have for rostered players on BYE) Some little alert built in. My question is this... Let's say I have a dynasty team with 5 players listed on IR. Being able to swap out one IR player for another IR player would be greatly beneficial. As is, I'm not sure how to make that switch. Right now, the players on IR have one dropdown option, DROP. I'd have to actually drop a coveted player from my dynasty active roster in order to move any player from IR back to active roster. I understand that makes sense when all 20 of your active roster is deemed healthy, but was looking for a fix when a team has more than 4 players on IR. Keep up the good work! Your software is bye FAR the best for dealing with multiple waiver wire teams, sorting via "last week" or "projected" etc. (adding a "rookie" option to the dropdown menu for searching the waiver wire (like you added to the drafting software this offseason...awesome!) would also be quite cool. Thanks a bunch for your ear!
  24. Tonight on a special Eric Balkman Show Edition of The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... Amari Cooper officially back? ...what Bucs make a good start with an injured Jameis Winston tossing them the rock? ...and is benching Jordy Nelson the correct move this weekend? Plus the seventh-place team owner in the Footballguys Players Championship Paul Gromek fills in for Dave Gerczak tonight as we talk about what you should expect from Dion Lewis going forward, who gets Golden Tate’s targets and much more! We also answer your phone calls, emails, tweets and more on The Eric Balkman Show Edition of The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour live TONIGHT at 10/9c with Paul Gromek! 2017 7th Place Week 6 Footballguys Team Owner Paul Gromek
  25. Special thanks to our new sponsor Erik Balkman. Each week the lowest scoring team will be the recipient of the Eric Balkman award winning a free beer on Eric and a shoulder to cry on. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and helping out.
  26. Week 6 in review. Woah, almost half way there. Woah, some teams are livin' on a prayer. You're singing it in your head. Brown Panda takes the top spot this week with a 170.50 Let by old man Fitz with 29.8. He's like the energizer bunny just keeps going & going & going. Demaryius Thomas chipped in with 23.3. I expect him to continue to produce with E Sanders injury. Last but not least we had another Carlos Hyde sighting scoring 24.5. VCSTAFF aka Mr. Steady Eddie takes the 2nd spot for the week with a 151.9 led by Kirk Cousins 32.1 and some guy named Jerick McKinnon pitched in 26.9 points. What restaurant did he use to tend bar at? Real Swipes top 3 this week scoring 138.35. The Gronk led the way with 29.3 and the Rams D racked up 19. psst, might want to throw Pryor on the bench and start Engram who scored 21.7 and the Giants have nobody else to throw the ball to. Or not it's your team and you can do as you want with it. The Eric Balkman award for the week goes to Doughboys with 72.4 points scored. Overall standings after week 6 2Packer 859 vcstaff 820 House of Cards 799 Brown Panda 796 Kobeez Krew 767 Rednecks 757 Sudden Birth 750 Tree Huggers 745 Doughboys 731 Jake Butt's Ex 714 DudePlatinum 697 Real Swipes 694
  27. Week 5 review Sorry for the late review as I have been busy going to middle school & freshman volleyball games. Plus working the concession stands. Things are starting to tighten up in the standings thanks to the outstanding performance by 2Packer putting up a 75.60 total this week. Nice job!! House of Cards takes the top spot for the week with a 189.25 led by Deshaun Watson 38.15 "keep it up kid!" and AJ Greens 31.9. Some guy named Aaron Jones "$328 bid" chipped in with 20.40 and we had a TY Hilton sighting this week scoring 24.7 Rednecks takes the 2nd spot putting up 152.9 lead by Fournette 31.40 and Jags d with 29. Really the Jags D??? Big Ben you stink and should have retired. VCSTAFF grabs the 3rd with 152.45 led by Dak's 33.25. What a great game that Cowboys/Packers game was. Aaron Rodgers owns that stadium. Seriously, if you don't believe me check out wiki. Special note back up Derrick Henry he started for a 0.9 and had McKinnon on the bench with 26.6. Fantasy football is funny some times. Overall standings after week 5 2Packer 748 House of Cards 689 vcstaff 668 Doughboys 658 Tree Huggers 651 Kobeez Krew 642 Rednecks 636 Brown Panda 626 Sudden Birth 619 Jake Butt's Ex 582 DudePlatinum 566 Real Swipes 556
  28. REMEMBER NO High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour tonight... but listen back to Wednesday's episode to hear from the leader in the 2017 FPC Matthew Puskarich (below, right) on why he started Ed Dickson last week, whether Will Fuller can keep his value up and much more! Week 5 2017 Footballguys Players Championship Leader Matthew Puskarich
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