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  2. ...is David Johnson worth waiting around for in the late games this Sunday? …how concerned should you be about Alvin Kamara’s Week 6 health? ...and is Malcolm Brown in automatic start in the wake of Todd Gurley’s expected absence? Plus the second-place team owner in the 2019 FFPC Main Event Micah Bailey is here to talk about the Cleveland Browns offense, and the surprising way he got and managed his only FFPC team this year nearly to the top! Micah Bailey: 2019 FPC Week 5 2nd Place Team Owner
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  4. ...what does Jalen Ramsey’s absence mean for DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel? …what Cardinal will step up in the absence of Christian Kirk? ...and we hold the HSFF Hour’s First-Ever Game Night! Plus the leader in the 2019 Footballguys Players Championship Jeff Volpe will join us to talk about how he made early QB and early TE work, what he thinks of the Stefon Diggs situation and much more! 2019 Week 4 Footballguys Leader Jeff Volpe
  5. You do not need to set a lineup in BB
  6. In a Best Ball format where u are challenged to a side action bet, is that wager still in the best ball format? Or do u somehow have to set a lineup?
  7. ...how long is Davante Adams’ turf toe going to keep him out? …what does Melvin Gordon’s return mean for Austin Ekeler? ...and should you be more concerned with Mark Andrews’ foot injury than you probably are? Plus the Week 2 overall leaders in the 2019 Footballguys Players Championship Chris and Andrew Whitney drop by to talk about sharky waiver wire adds, the Patriots’ fantasy mess in their backfield and more! 2019 Footballguys Week 2 Leaders Chris & Andrew Whitney
  8. We will add a free agency period on the Friday prior to Week 1 for all eligible teams in 2020 but there are no plans on having any open free agency. Also changing from Friday to Saturday is not on the table. Saturday is a day of rest for the FFPC players 🙂
  9. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that got burned week 1 this year, as well as in past FFPC seasons, with the way waivers work in these leagues. I'm not sure the rationale behind not having waivers this past Friday, but it cost me a week 1 win since I wasn't able to replace Badgley. Beyond the fact that this particular scenario is extremely frustrating, I'd still like to know the logic behind running waivers only on Wed/Fri. If you are dead set on only running them twice, wouldn't Wed/Sat make more sense? At least then players who are questionable going into the weekend will likely have a little more clarity by Saturday night, and it would also help with Monday night games where the teams practice on Sat. If you aren't willing to have waivers run each night wed-sat, please at least think about changing the waivers on Friday to run Saturday instead. I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate this change.
  10. I cannot figure out how to drop a player who is on IR and out for the year so I need to add someone else. Also I guess I have to bid on it or something, but please explain how I do drop/ adds asap! Thanks
  11. We still have 6 rounds to go in my draft and the season starts in a cpl hours. When will the timers speed up?
  12. If you have a player playing tonight, are you allowed to start him and then make a change on Sunday - this is for Week 1 only. I remeber this scenario last year and it dealt with making sure it was fair for all Main Event Teams. For example - Tarik Cohen - can he be added to starters for week 1 after the game has been played or can he be started and removed if I decide on Saturday I want to play someone else?
  13. First year playing in the FFPC. How do you change your lineup? Playing in a terminator league. We dropped our required player but can’t change our lineup. Thanks
  14. I see you can export a csv file from your player ranking page - is there any way to import a csv file you create yourself? Or can you only manually add and change player rankings or reset to the ffpc default ranking?
  15. Is it normal that i am unable to see this weeks league schedule? No scoring predictions either?
  16. my friend is trying to add me using my email, but im not receiving an email to join as a co-owner.
  17. It’s all being taken care of today
  18. We have teams in our Dynasty League that didn’t cut down to 22 players by the deadline last night. What happens now?
  19. Any league you enter appears on your MyTeams page
  20. As a first time user, I have a stupid question. "Where is the link to gain access to league and draft ?" (I've recently joined league that is currently filling, and also joined league full, but don't see how to enter.
  21. Remember, listeners, no High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour tonight as David A. Gerczak and I are working the 2019 Footballguys.com / FFPC Players Championship Draft-A-Thon. Hop in a draft right now to support Homeboy Industries ! http://ow.ly/Mia330prINd
  22. refunds issues back to your account
  23. Well said. I'm taking Kelce!!!!! I don't think he should be a top 6 pick but I know these guys have strong opinions about the game they are running here. It is a great one but that doesn't mean it has to be different and couldn't be better.
  24. I tried all that from the app haha before having the need to write here. Any trouble shooting tips? Thx
  25. Your entry is refunded to your account
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