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  2. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...what AFC South running back might just move up a full round near the top of the draft board? ...is there reason to be concerned about the much hyped Browns offense... ...and we talk about a pair of NFC North running backs that are poised to be moving up in drafts this weekend! Plus Adam Krautwurst, a two-time league winner in the FPC drops in to discuss his thoughts about the Bills backfield, his strategy when he competes in the 2019 FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Challenge and much more! Footballguys Multi-League Champ & 2019 Pros Vs. Joes Drafter Adam Krautwurst
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  4. Here is how FFPC's Terms and Conditions address your question: https://myffpc.com/ffpccontent/trust/terms-conditions/ Eligibility Individuals who are 18 years of age or older (21 years of age or older in Massachusetts) are eligible to create an FFPC account. Individuals physically located within the jurisdictions of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, Delaware and Vermont are permitted to create FFPC accounts, however, they are strictly prohibited from making deposits or registering for FFPC leagues. The FFPC, at its discretion, may deny eligibility of any individual to participate in FFPC leagues and Contests. Under no condition shall the FFPC be held responsible for any loss or liability related to any expenses incurred by a denied entrant or anybody else affiliated with that denied entrant.
  5. I've come to accept the long how long some of the slow drafts take, but I hear people complaining about managers letting the clock expire on an 8 hour pick and then turning "Auto" off and doing it again the next time they come up. I don't know if that is true because I can't find a timestamp in my drafts, but I thought maybe a progressive pick timer would help with a situation in slow drafts where people keep forgetting and letting their pick expire. I like being able to miss one and then turn auto off, but maybe there is a way to have them only get 6 hours the second time they miss an 8 hour timer, 4 hours the next time they miss a pick and then stay on 2 hours the rest of the draft (or go to full auto). Just a suggestion.
  6. Hi all, We had an issue with the message boards and will have a future announcement about that. But let's get the 2019 Pros vs Joes announced, with the list of the 36 Joes. Aaron Scott Adam Krautwurst Biplab Mandal Brian Petrunich Chad Schroeder ChrisCar Dan Williamson Danny Mueller Dave Chiodo David Hubbard Gregory Kanter jasen mitchell Jason Priem Jay Reid Jimmy Wagner John Gifford Kimra Schleicher Kurt Kuekes Mark Palmer matthew tretter Matthew Zimmer Michael Abt Michael Edelman Patrick Beasley Ray Cowart Rich Risinger Richard Lane Richard Lowe Richy Nishiura Robert Gross Ryan Kahler Ryan Pohle ShellyFos Steven Hutcherson Timothy Skarecky Troy Wells Congrats to these 36 players and best of luck as you continue to crush the hopes and dreams of all the Pros each season.
  7. As an Arizona resident, Las Vegas is only few hours away. I've been thinking of going there to do in person draft. Am I eligible for prizes or so? Very sticky issue related to ffl play in the state of Arizona.
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