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  2. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...what Patriots are you downgrading if Tom Brady hits the road? …is AJ Green destined to be a non-Bengal in 2020? ...and can a draft bust be the better choice at wideout over a major draft hit this season? Plus the 2019-20 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge 3rd-Runner Up Stephen Ranaghan is here to discuss Le’Veon Bell, Alshon Jeffery, and more! 2019-20 World Famous FFPC Playoff Challenge 4th Place Finisher Stephen Ranaghan
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  4. Coming up TONIGHT on a special THURSDAY edition of The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...what former dynasty darling might be back on the radar in 2020? …which AFC West running back could take a big leap towards being a star this season? ...and could an aging future Hall-of-Famer be on your must draft list this year? Plus the $100,000 2019-20 Inaugural Footballguys Playoff Challenge winners Jim Cox and Jeff Everage are here to discuss how they assembled the winning roster and what it was like flipping $35 into $100,000! $100K 2019-20 FBG Playoff Challenge Winners Jim Cox & Jeff Everage
  5. I’m just curious when the payouts are initiated for the 2019-2020 Footballguys Playoff Challenge happens? I see the congratulatory email went out to FFPC members, but I don’t see any payouts in my account. Thanks for your time.
  6. Hi there - this is my first time competing, and I've successfully placed for a payout. Please advise on when I can expect to receive said payout and/or if I should be receiving communication from the FFPC directly to confirm these results. Thanks!
  7. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...is the Ian Thomas hype train about to leave the station? …can drafting a running back-heavy team help you win a six-figure prize? ...and what’s the deal with Damien Williams’ ADP? Plus the $30,000 2019 Footballguys Players Championship runner-up Bob Hoog joins us to talk about waiver wire aggression, drafting early best ball leagues and more! $30,000 2019 Footballguys Runner-Up Bob Hoog
  8. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...is Raheem Mostert worth the price in drafts this season? …how does the Vikings new offensive coordinator change where you draft your Vikings in 2020? ...and can Tyler Higbee become the 2020 version of Austin Hooper? Plus the $20,000 2019 FFPC Varsity #1 champion Tony DiSibio drops in to discuss Seahawks receivers, Devin Singletary and more! 2019 FFPC Varsity #1 $20,000 Champ Tony DiSibio
  9. From the rules: Prize splitting amongst principal participant and their co-managers is available. The principal participant will always remain the sole legal prize winner and MUST authorize payment to his co-manager in writing. The principal participant will fill out and sign the authorization form indicating the name & address of his co-manager and the amount he should receive. Both the principal participant and the co-manager will each fill out a W-9. Once these documents are received and approved by FFPC, LLC. the prize monies will be released to both parties. At year's end, both the principal participant and the co-manager will each receive IRS Form-1099 for their prize awards. Limitations to prize splitting: prize splitting is limited to TWO persons only: the principal participant and the co-manager. Under no circumstance will FFPC, LLC. issue payment to anyone other than these two persons. Only total prize awards of $2,000 or greater will be eligible for prize splitting. This may can be a combination of any CASH prizes won in any FFPC tournament, league or contest. FFPC Dollars or any non-cash prizes are not applicable for prize splitting. Each share of prize split awards must be a minimum of $600. FFPC, LLC. may, at its own discretion, refuse to accept any prize splitting request and process the entire award to the principal participant. Please email info@myffpc.com with any further questions regarding the prize splitting process.
  10. If an entry has 3 or 4 co-managers and you win, what’s the best way to distribute winnings so that one person doesn’t get a 1099 for the whole amount?
  11. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...what kind of impact will a seemingly ageless Larry Fitzgerald have in fantasy this season? …can Pat Shurmur create big fantasy value for Courtland Sutton, Philip Lindsay and Noah Fant? ...and we break down the first 2020 FFPC best ball draft of the season! 1st 2020 FFPC Best Ball Draft Analysis
  12. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...is there a sharky play at wide receiver for the Titans in the FFPC Playoff Challenge #2? …can Tyler Boyd continue his strong play in 2020 with a new quarterback? ...and we reveal our suggested Divisional Playoff Challenge rosters in our special preview episode! Plus the $500,000 2019 FFPC Main Event champion Mike Porreca drops in to talk about his Monday night magic, why he owes the Dizzle a huge apology and much more! $500,000 2019 FFPC Main Event Champion Mike Porreca
  13. i am setting my lineup for week 2 challenge. there are 10 spots for me to choose? i thought it was only 8. it is impossible to pick 10. also is there not a roll over on points for the week one team i chose?
  14. i deposited 70 dollars because i wanted 2 teams in the 35, dollar play off challenge , can i create 2 teams? if so how? if not please issue credit
  15. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...what do you need to do with your Vikings running backs on Monday night? …how should you treat the Bucs’ passing offense in Week 16? ...and what do you need to know before you submit those Championship lineups? Plus the 2019 Footballguys Players Championship leader Abib Agbetoba is here to co-host the show with me as we talk JuJu Smith-Schuster, Will Grier, Kerryon Johnson and much more! 2019 Footballguys Players Championship Week 15 Leader Abib Agbetoba
  16. Can Canadian citizens join these pools?
  17. From your league page —> TEAM —> Edit Team Settings. Keep in mind he also needs an FFPC account
  18. How can I add a Co-Manager to a football guys playoff challenge team?
  19. I just don't have the time to keep up with this league anymore. This team is pretty good, it's just been hit with bid luck (Andrew Luck was on our roster). Looking for someone to take over this team at cost. This league is only in its second year. You would need to pay $1250 plus the $500 deposit. QB - Jameis, Tannehill RB - Gurley, Guice, Love, Cohen, Hyde WR - Tyreek, Amari, Evans, Crowder, Westbrook, Renfrow, Marvin, MVS TE - Jonnu, Ebron, Hurst K - Gould DEF - JAX, MIN 2020 Picks - We will be picking 1st or 2nd each round with the exception of a second 3rd rounder. 3.1 or 3.2 3.x 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
  20. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...should you trust Jameis Winston’s thumb (and judgment) in Week 15? …are we finally seeing the real Devante Parker right now? ...and does Darius Slayton make for the better play over Mike Williams in Championship Round leg 2? Plus the 2019 FFPC Main Event second-place team owner Garrett Lerner hangs out with us to talk about TY Hilton, the Raiders backfield and much more! Garrett Lerner: 2019 Week 15 FFPC Main Event Second Place Team Owner
  21. ACH authorization form will be emailed to you shortly after your withdrawal request
  22. Hello, I submitted a withdrawal request through ach and I don't have my bank account info set up b with the site. What will happen with my request? Thank you. Best, Jason Grasso
  23. Coming up tonight on The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour... ...who is the correct running back to start from the 49ers? …why has Allen Robinson had a career year while people are calling for Trubisky’s head? ...and what do you need to know before you set your lineups in the first leg of the Championship Round? Plus the 2019 Footballguys Players Championship regular season 13th-place winner Charles Ellison hangs out with us to talk about whether streaming is dead, starting the correct players on deep rosters and much more! 13th Place 2019 FPC Team Owner Charles Ellison
  24. If your team sells for $250, you get the full deposit back. Anything less and the difference of the sale price and $250 will come out of the deposit
  25. I bought a $250 orphan for $1 last year, then sent the deposit. If I sell the team at the end of this year for $250, how much money will I receive? Thanks fellas.
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