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  1. It will be OK. We can lower the timer after next week if necessary. We’ve dealt with this before, don’t worry
  2. Yes, everyone is eligible. All that data is offered to the public by the partners so basically everyone has access, partner or not.
  3. The first blind bidding process will close on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 at 10 pm ET, the day PRIOR to Thursday’s Opening Game in NFL Week 1. All FFPC Dynasty League teams will be allowed to bid on players during this and all waiver wires during the Season. There will be only ONE blind bidding process this week. Due to the addition of weekly Thursday games to the NFL schedule, there are now two (2) weekly blind bidding processes. The first “Primary” blind bidding process will take place on Wednesday with the second “Supplementary” process taking place on Friday. The deadline for bid submission for both Wednesday and Friday is now 10:00 pm Eastern. All free agent NFL players will be available for the Wednesday bidding process. NFL players which are dropped during Wednesday’s bidding process will NOT be available for pickups on Friday (48 hours later) and will ONLY become available for next week’s Wednesday bidding process. Free agent NFL players whose teams played on Thursday will NOT be available for pickups on Friday (following Thursday’s game) and will ONLY become available for next week’s Wednesday bidding process. After the completion of Week 1, the blind bidding processes will be available weekly and will continue until prior to Week 16 for ALL teams in the Dynasty Leagues. Rosters will be updated with the results of all successful bids after 10:00 PM EST, following the completion of the blind bidding process. Bids will be allowed to be entered from Sunday at 7:00 AM EST until Wednesday 10:00 PM EST for Wednesday’s bidding process. A bid will be allowed to be entered from Wednesday at 11:00 PM EST until Friday 10:00 PM EST for Friday’s bidding process. All bids will be processed and the rosters updated with the results of all successful bids after 10:00 PM EST on Wednesday & Friday, following the completion of the blind bidding process. All team managers are strongly encouraged to place their bids as early in the week as possible. All players cut during Weeks 1 through Week 16 free agent bidding processes WILL REMAIN in the free agent pool and will be available to be re-acquired by teams as long as the free agency bidding processes remain open.
  4. We don't publish draft data but you will find plenty of it on twitter. Try our handle @FFPC or search for #FFPC. Also you can try looking thru some of our partner content for this info available here https://myffpc.com/ffpccontent/play/ffpc-draft-tools/
  5. All of these suggestions make sense when you're dealing with a single league or a couple of leagues but when you're talking about hundreds and even thousands of leagues and thousands of team owners, a complicated timer will only make things more difficult, not easier. For everyone, including us trying to explain these new timers. We now have a 2-hour clock option for Slow drafts so anyone looking for a faster Slow draft experience has the option to join these drafts. They tend to finish 2 to 3 times as fast as the 6-hour ones.
  6. League --> Team --> Edit Team settings. If you're asking about the Main Event teams, you will be able to do this once the leagues are created and teams loaded
  7. All randomizes except for the last minute formed leagues in late preseason
  8. email support@myffpc.com
  9. https://myffpc.com/AndroidApp.aspx
  10. Always email support@myffpc.com for any requests. We usually respond very quickly
  11. Going to 60 seconds next year. Our draft room technology on desktop and app is at point where we feel comfortable in making this more.
  12. Here is how FFPC's Terms and Conditions address your question: https://myffpc.com/ffpccontent/trust/terms-conditions/ Eligibility Individuals who are 18 years of age or older (21 years of age or older in Massachusetts) are eligible to create an FFPC account. Individuals physically located within the jurisdictions of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, Delaware and Vermont are permitted to create FFPC accounts, however, they are strictly prohibited from making deposits or registering for FFPC leagues. The FFPC, at its discretion, may deny eligibility of any individual to participate in FFPC leagues and Contests. Under no condition shall the FFPC be held responsible for any loss or liability related to any expenses incurred by a denied entrant or anybody else affiliated with that denied entrant.
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