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  1. ACH authorization form will be emailed to you shortly after your withdrawal request
  2. If your team sells for $250, you get the full deposit back. Anything less and the difference of the sale price and $250 will come out of the deposit
  3. FFPC D/ST scoring specifically refers to “FR”, fumble recovery. The play by Carr is a touchback and is a “FL”, fumble loss and change of possession. Therefore no points given to the D/ST The rules also specifically addresses touchbacks in this way: “*** A fumble by an offensive player through the opposing end zone resulting in a touch-back is not considered a team takeaway and will not award 2 fantasy points for the Team Defense/Special Teams.”
  4. You do not need to set a lineup in BB
  5. We will add a free agency period on the Friday prior to Week 1 for all eligible teams in 2020 but there are no plans on having any open free agency. Also changing from Friday to Saturday is not on the table. Saturday is a day of rest for the FFPC players 🙂
  6. It’s all being taken care of today
  7. Any league you enter appears on your MyTeams page
  8. refunds issues back to your account
  9. Your entry is refunded to your account
  10. A few ways. From your TEAMS page you can toggle and change team names. Or you can go to STANDINGS and click on each team. Or you can click on TEAM ROSTERS in the top menu
  11. Nothing. You will be refunded for unfilled leagues
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