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  1. I agree. Everyone knew the rules going into the contest. FFPC during the drafts and early in the season maintained that no waivers run would be added. Now the rules are changed about a third of the way through the main portion of the season. Everyone should email the FFPC and let them know that this does not instill confidence. What happened to change their minds? If you are moving waivers to later in the week, why wouldn't you maintain the same time slot that you have always maintained? FFPC has millions of dollars in play. If they can change this rule, what other rules can they change without prior approval? Could they decide that scoring needs to be adjusted due to COVID and change QB TD points from 4 to 6? That's unlikely, but changing this rule - which is a major part of FFPC leagues as it is the ONLY way to pick up players - begs the question. This gives an East Coast player a distinct advantage each and every week moving forward. A West Coast player who has 50 teams cannot get up Sunday morning, see the late breaking news and then make adjustments to their waivers unless they want to get up at like 4am every Sunday the rest of the year. This needs to be addressed, and perhaps the best way is for everyone who has a problem with it to post on these boards and contact the FFPC to let them know that a rule change of this nature partway through a contest is simply not fair to all. If things are going to be unfair due to COVID, and you cannot make them fair to all, the rules should stay the same and everyone should plan accordingly. I have contacted FFPC and was told by Alex that this change has been made and won't be reconsidered: "There is no other solution other than what we have in place right now. Please remember we are dealing with 3000 FFPC leagues and 10's of thousands of owners so clearly it's not going to work perfectly for all but there can only be one rule for all." and "FFPC team owners need time to set their lineups after waiver are processed so 10am ET was the latest we decided it can be to give everytime time. Some owners have 50-100+ teams." It seems to me that if it is not going to work perfectly for all, and there can only be one rule for all, then it should default to the original rule that is in place governing the leagues at the time the contest was originated and at the time teams were paid for. In years past they have not re-assigned players to a different position partway through the year even if they ended up moving to RB or WR, etc. This is a similar situation, but with dramatically more consequences as some teams are given a weekly advantage due to time zone differences. It's not out of the question that a game gets cancelled every week on Sunday morning - meaning it's possible that some players have the ability to adjust and maintain a full lineup, while others do not - and have to start partial lineups multiple weeks through the contest. I know these boards are not used much, but anyone with issues I would urge to contact FFPC and let them know your concerns. For me to post on these boards, I had to email Alex and have him approve my posting account - so if you are reading this and want to post, sign up and then email Alex so you can join the discussion. I like playing with the FFPC, but they need to be held accountable in order to keep the integrity of their games intact for both them as well as the players. With no oversight they have the ability to materially impact the results of their contests. Today it's waiver rules they change, tomorrow who knows?
  2. Is anyone else on the West Coast unhappy with the new waivers run time? The rules should not be changed part way through the season in a manner that gives East Coast players a distinct advantage each and every week moving forward. Running multiple teams means I would need to get up at ~6am every Sunday to take advantage of late breaking news, while East Coast players do not need to adjust their sleep cycle to take advantage. With the late breaking news of the Denver/NE cancellation for this week, this advantage is already on display. Please email FFPC if you agree. The waiver time needs to be pushed back to at least noon EST to give West Coast players a level playing field - or it needs to be changed to Saturday night, same time that it used to run on Fridays.
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