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  1. The title pretty much sums it up. It's a pretty archaic rule that made much more sense 15 years ago. We had twelve TE's top 50+ receptions last year and a few more that most likely would have barring injury. We also had two top 100 receptions, with the leader being Zach Ertz, who had 113 catches in weeks 1-16. That's the equivalent of 170 WR or RB catches in this format. That's completely insane and pretty unnecessary at this point in the evolution of the TE position. The player positions of fantasy are not naturally balanced but they do not have to be. That's part of what makes fantasy so great. You have to predict the value of each player relative to their player position and also the value of the position they play relative to other positions. I know this rule is in place to both make the early rounds of the draft more complex and also to give extra value to an otherwise shallow position, but it's in such a forceful way that it's not natural to the game. A TE catching the ball in the real league is no different than any other position making a catch. It really shouldn't be different in fantasy either. Cheers and happy season! -Nick
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