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  1. Hi all, We had an issue with the message boards and will have a future announcement about that. But let's get the 2019 Pros vs Joes announced, with the list of the 36 Joes. Aaron Scott Adam Krautwurst Biplab Mandal Brian Petrunich Chad Schroeder ChrisCar Dan Williamson Danny Mueller Dave Chiodo David Hubbard Gregory Kanter jasen mitchell Jason Priem Jay Reid Jimmy Wagner John Gifford Kimra Schleicher Kurt Kuekes Mark Palmer matthew tretter Matthew Zimmer Michael Abt Michael Edelman Patrick Beasley Ray Cowart Rich Risinger Richard Lane Richard Lowe Richy Nishiura Robert Gross Ryan Kahler Ryan Pohle ShellyFos Steven Hutcherson Timothy Skarecky Troy Wells Congrats to these 36 players and best of luck as you continue to crush the hopes and dreams of all the Pros each season.
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