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    From RotoWorld..... Cameron Meredith (injured reserve) has been diagnosed with a torn ACL and "slight" MCL tear in his left knee. It's so obvious, yet it's not official.......so we have to active roster him. I wish there was a "work around" for this ridiculous situation of timing/formality. For 2018, I'd like to propose that the rule is written as such: FFPC cutdown date will be one day after the NFL 53 man cutdown date occurs.....whatever date that may be. Even if that means there is only one waiver run (which is all we need).
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    Congratulations to House of Cards being top scorer putting up 172 points. CJ Anderson led the way with 30.40 followed closely by Ty Montgomery's 29. Side note Jarvis Landry in his first game scored 20.10. I couldn't believe how far he fell in drafts in September. VCSTAFF came in second with 156.25 points which included a donut from Jordy Nelson. What could have been, what could have been. Doughboys rounds out the top 3 with a 154.15 point week. No major superstar points this week just an all around solid effort by the team other than 18 from Detroit's Defense. Team Real Swipes got a big goose egg from QB due to the late scratch of Sam Bradford. Only other QB on roster is Luck. Ouch! In a 13 week total points league every point counts. 2Packer 351 vcstaff 282 Brown Panda 276 Kobeez Krew 270 House of Cards 264 Doughboys 256 Tree Huggers 251 DudePlatinum 243 Jake Butt's Ex 223 Rednecks 222 Real Swipes 213 Sudden Birth 175
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    We've had 10 years with the current format with no changes to roster or scoring. I know some people like to keep improving but we prefer keeping with tradition and I think that's one of the main reasons FFPC players return year to year. Let's give it 10 more years and re-evaluate then?
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    We have dual flex.....start 4 WR's if you desire.....or 4 RB's....or 3 TE's. This is one of the allures of the FFPC set-up. More flexibility when drafting and WDIS decisions. Takes much more skill than being forced to start 3 WR's.
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    Thanks to Darren Armani from FantasyMojo.com (you know, the muscle behind the Pros Vs. Joes competition), you can now view the add/drop reports for FFPC leagues twice weekly. The link below is where you can check out last night's report, the first run of the year for the FFPC. Thanks, Darren! FFPC Add/Drop Report
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    Yes he is . So the last years main event champ who's in my dynasty league didn't adhere to the cut down date as usual . I posted for her to do so which asshole deleted and tried saying that she did so on time . No email of drop or listed in league transactions which happens with each drop . Now posted in league chat is her drops 2 days after the required drop date .Taking care of their homies is nothing new . Back in 2012 the team I was playing against in the main event had Greg Jennings in their line up for the 9/13/12 Thursday game . Jennings was inactive for that game . Come Sunday morning that team made numerous attempts to take Jennings out of their line up which failed . Then the commissioner changed his line up taking Jennings out at 10:57 am Sunday morning . When I questioned this the commissioners response was "he called me on the phone and make the change to me before the thursday game. I put it on my log to chagne and did not do it until Sunday.So it is a legal lineup." So he supposedly called him before the Thursday game but never checked to make sure it was done until Sunday morning . Oh yea he was the next year winner of the main event . Coincidence ????????
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    Complaints from the BBB: 8/11/2016 I have attempted numerous times to cancel my online subscription and you can only do it by calling their 888 501 5752 for an 8 hour window ( 9 am - 5 pm CST - Monday to Friday. I contacted on August 11, 2016 the date the subscription restarted which is every 3 months and Scout.com would not cancel. I contacted on May 11 2016 to cancel and they did not cancel. They have held my credit card hostage. This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business. This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague. by K. B. on 8/11/2016 | Submit a Customer Review Was this review helpful to you? YesNo 6/25/2016 I won the site's March Madness contest and I haven't heard back from them at all. I tried reaching out to them, but they won't respond and their contact form goes to a 404 page. HORRIBLE Customer Service!! This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business. This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague. by Havikcam on 6/25/2016 | Submit a Customer Review Complaint Breakdown by Resolution Complaint Resolution Log (27) The complainant verified the issue was resolved to their satisfaction. (3 complaints) 4/24/2015 Problems with Product/Service | Read Complaint Details 12/31/2014 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: This company debited my account $99.95 without my permission for a online subscription renewal. When I called for a refund I was told I would never get it back. My complaint went to Corporate who also informed me that I would not get a refund. This account was cancelled and I do not wish to continue this subscription. Beware of signing up with this company! Desired Settlement: I just want a refund of $99.95 Business Response: Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2014/10/17) */ October 17, 2014 Better Business Bureau Serving Alaska, Oregon & Western Washington 1000 Station Drive Ste 222 DuPont, WA 98327 Re: Customer Complaint: File # XXXXXXXX To Whom It May Concern: You recently forwarded to SCOUT a complaint filed by *********** ******** regarding renewal of his SCOUT subscription. We regret that Mr. ******** was dissatisfied with our service but believe that our renewal practices offer adequate notice and are consistent with all applicable laws. We believe we have successfully addressed Mr. ********'s complaint as outlined below. Mr. ******** was unhappy that his subscription to SCOUT was automatically renewed and his credit card charged for another year's subscription. The terms of agreement to which Mr. ******** consented when he originally purchased his subscription indicate that the subscription will automatically renew annually until the customer cancels the subscription. We are unaware of any Washington statute that requires additional notification to be made to the customer and believe that our renewal process conforms to all applicable laws and regulations. Nevertheless, as a gesture of good will, SCOUT will refund the $99.95 that was charged to Mr. ********'s credit card. Mr. ******** should expect the refund to be processed within one month. Please contact me directly at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX if you have further questions or concerns. Sincerely, ***** ****** SCOUT Member Services Manager 7/18/2014 Problems with Product/Service | Read Complaint Details The business responded to the dispute but failed to make a good faith effort to resolve it. (1 complaint) 5/19/2015 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details The Business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer did not accept the response, OR BBB has not heard back from the consumer as to their satisfaction. (4 complaints) BBB is unable to locate the business. (2 complaints) 6/18/2015 Problems with Product/Service | Read Complaint Details 6/12/2015 Problems with Product/Service | Read Complaint Details The business failed to respond to the dispute. (17 complaints) 8/1/2016 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: I've tried multiple times over the past 9 months to cancel a monthly subscription to scout.com. The only way to cancel is by calling and they either hang up after waiting 20 minutes or they never pick up. I never signed up for the monthly service. My account is still being charged $9.95 per month. I have not used this service at any point during the last 9 months they have been charging. Desired Settlement: I am requesting the account/subscription be canceled and the money be refunded. The total owed is $89.55 ($9.95 x 9). 6/20/2016 Problems with Product/Service | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: I originally joined History Channel Club as a lifetime member and received their magazine. Scout.com acquired this magazine and only sent one to me. Since then they have not since any magazines, offered partial refund or responded to my attempts to communicate with them. Desired Settlement: Apparently they no longer offer their magazine, so I should get a partial refund since I paid for a lifetime membership and they are not honoring it. 3/10/2016 Problems with Product/Service | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: I paid $300 for a lifetime membership to Handyman Club of America - owned by Scout. Per the original contract, I was to receive a monthly magazine and free tool testing. Both of these have been discontinued by Scout. Desired Settlement: Full refund of Lifetime membership fee of $300 since I am no longer receiving what I originally paid for. 2/24/2016 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: I was once a member OfScout. Com in 2007. They were combined with Rivals .com. They broke away from rivals and they have been automatically renewing my membership each year although I never agreed to follow them. I chose to stay with Rivals. I was not notified of this until this year Jan2016, when for the first time, they did send a email notifying me of the $119.95 charge. When I called to cancel and get a refund, they said they would cancel my subscription but NOT refund my money. That is also when they said I have been charged every year since 2008 without sending me any notice of that charge. They know I do not use their site. However they continued to charge me. I feel like they have robbed me since 2008. Desired Settlement: Refund of all charges from 2008-2016 2/21/2016 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: This company debited my account $99.95 without my permission for an automatic online subscription renewal, which they claim they have given notice. On their web page, the link to their "Terms and Conditions" goes to a completely blank page. On February 1, 2016, I noted that the disputed amount was deducted from my checking account at approximately 10:56 am PST. When I called to ask for a refund at approximately 11:12 am PST, I was told I would never get it back. I then sent an electronic complaint that went to Corporate who also informed me that I would not get a refund. This account was subsequently cancelled and I do not wish to continue this subscription. Desired Settlement: I am hoping that since I missed calling by less than a half hour, that they would be willing to refund the money for a service that I no longer want. 2/4/2016 Problems with Product/Service 2/4/2016 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: I attempted to cancel Scout.com VikingUpdate total access pass renewal ($99.00) on January 15 2016, which was charged to my credit card on January 4, 2016. They stated that it was their policy not to ever refund money for auto-renewals. I never used this service and do not want this service. Desired Settlement: I want my $99.00 back for a service I never used. 1/12/2016 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: My subscription to Scout.com expired on 12/10/15. On 12/7/15 my daughter, ***, called Scout.com and cancelled my subscription per my direction as I didn't want it anymore. She was given no issues and the rep told her it would be cancelled. He never mentioned it was already billed for 2016. On 12/18/15 I discovered my credit card was billed $119.95 by Scout.com on 12/2/15. My daughter called Scout.com on 12/18/15 to inquire as to why my subscription was renewed before the renewal date of 12/10/15. The rep, John, told her it was because the subscription renewal date was 12/1/15, not 12/10/15. He said there was nothing more he could do and that i wouldn't be getting a refund. Per my account profile on Scout.com, the renewal date was 12/10/15 NOT 12/1/15. My daughter explained that to the rep & he was extremely rude to her. She asked to speak with a supervisor & the rep said everyone was "gone for the holiday." We both found that extremely hard to believe. The rep told me the only thing we could do was email corporate. He gave my daughter the email address & she immediately sent an email. She received a reply from Jonathan J*******. His response was a standard reply basically saying "Sorry, but no refund will be given" My account profile clearly shows a renewal date of 12/10/15, not 12/1/15. The subscription was cancelled on 12/7/15 with NO issues (rep did not tell my daughter that it was already billed for 2016). The customer service with this company is completely unacceptable. CS Reps are extremely rude & unprofessional. My daughter, ***, made the phone calls/emails on my behalf as I am 81 years old and have hearing loss so it's difficult for me to use the telephone. Desired Settlement: A refund of $119.95. 12/30/2015 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: I initially subscribed based on a promo I thought offered a 90 day trial. After subscribing, I noticed my account page stating that it was only a 7 day trial and that is missed the deadline for what I believed to be the 90 day trial promo. I called to cancel but the rep assured me I was still getting the promo and in the course of the call it was clear I didn't understand the parameters of the deal. Despite me suggesting to the rep that my decision to subscribe was based on my understanding of the promo I was never corrected and in fact told that my additional trial would start after the 90 days. As soon as the 7 day trial ended (today) I noticed I was billed $99.95 and called to clear up my confusion. Both the call rep and corporate email response (which I believe was from the same person which is aggravating because the call rep gave me the corporate email as well as vowed to have a manager call me, which never happened) was the same; a reiteration of the terms of agreement and a refusal of my refund request. Please intervene in whatever way possible as I'll gladly revoke my right to access the site and have already cancelled my membership. I simply don't believe I should be penalized so severely for a simple misunderstanding and would appreciate a full refund. Thanks in advance. ******* ******* Desired Settlement: Please refund me fully for $99.95. 12/27/2015 Billing/Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details X Additional Notes Complaint: Signed up for monthly subscription for vikingsupdate.com on Scout.com and was charged for annual subscription which is 100 dollars instead of monthly which is 10. Attempted to call and email numerous times in the following days and was told on the phone by a John that it was nothing they were going to do to correct this situation and when asked to speak to a manager was told he had no manager or superior above him. The person I spoke with (john) was very rude and spoke in a manner that one would think an associate would talk to a paying customer. I am very upset with this business and demand a full refund as I do not wish to continue to have business with a company that treats its customers this way. Desired Settlement: I would like a complete refund of my 100 dollars for the issues faced dealing with this company.
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    For sure some kind of place to reference this information would be useful. Jake Butt was placed on the NFI list, which is IR eligible. He'll start season on the PUP list but that's not his official designation yet but as he's on the NFI list he should be IR eligible but I don't see him listed that way on the Broncos website so he's an example of someone we could use some kind of clarity/list.
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    Agree completely. I called my credit card to stop payment. The only way to get through to those people. Scott Atkins is an asshole