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    I appreciate the comments and post. The fact that 14% of the people voted for the Martin side is proof positive that it should not have been overturned in my eyes. Our job as FFPC commissioners is not to ensure an even trade value based upon current prevailing market sentiment. It is only to overrule blatantly terrible trades. I did not like this particular trade either and it was not a cut and dried "no" for overturning it. But... ...in the case of Doug Martin, the team has been talking him up a lot, he is their starter and he has had a top 5 RB season in the past. This is also a very deep draft, so the 2.05 has been yielding players like Kareem Hunt, or Zay Jones or JuJu Smith-Schuster -- all potential top RBs or WRs if they hit. Jordan Howard is a non-pedigreed back that has had one solid season. The team has either Glennon or a rookie at QB, so they are not likely to be scoring loads of TDs, while Tampa's offense is ascending to possible elite status. Point being that one can make a case for the Martin+ 2.05 side. There is a chance that Howard has a sophomore slump and eventually busts. I bet you 100% that many would have protested this trade if Trent Richardson was dealt like this after his rookie season and look at what happened. There is no certainty as to the end result of that trade based on the players involved.
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