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    Speaking of trades, having a notification on the "My Teams" page that lists all teams that shows number of current trade offers (both sent out as well as received) so you can see at a glance would be extremely helpful. And still, most importantly, is getting a trade offer transaction history is sorely missing. Having to dig through emails to see what might have been sent or keeping track with back and forths over multiple leagues is so time consuming. @Dave @Alex
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    Not that Dave needs more brownie points but he is pretty awesome in fairly handling such nonsense. That being said, such type of behavior should not be tolerated at all. Such teams should be banished from FFPC with no prizes or refunds given to them. Integrity is important. These are not bush leagues. Can't even believe we have such kind of owners.....
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    Those of you who were at the live FFPC events in Vegas last year saw me parading around with shiny football helmet, showing it off as the prototype of the future FFPC Main Event trophy. Well, the future is now ladies and gents as I just received the Official 2017 FFPC Main Event trophy helmet and it will be awarded this year to the overall champion. Not to brag - ok I will just a little - but this helmet is well over one year in the making with collaboration of our designer, Dave & myself, 2 different helmet shops (the 1st didn't measure up) and countless emails/conferences between all parties trying to bang out the various aspects of the design. Even after we received the prototype which some of you saw last year, we continued tweaking it further when ordering the actual 2017 trophy version. This is the official, game ready Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet (size large) with the following options... Helmet fully chromed out with silver chrome Facemask chromed out with lime green chrome Custom double hexagon stripes Custom FFPC "the catch" logos on both sides Custom front, rear bumpers and side decals Custom blue iridium SHOC visor with chrome UA branded visor clips Custom SportStar chinstrap Custom Glass Case The photos you see below are of the prototype version. The actual trophy has a large "2017" decal on the side and "Main Event Champion" on rear bumper. The glass case will have a customized plaque with the champion's name and team name on the outside, which will be added after the completion of the season. And for those of you who didn't see this baby in person, let me say that the photos do not do it justice. It is HOT! Not trying to pat ourselves on the back but just wanted to stress that this is a very special piece which was created to be the most unique trophy in all of fantasy sports and I personally believe we achieved this goal. I know that the $250,000 grand prize is still the greatest component to winning the Main Event but we hope that adding this trophy to your mantle or mancave will be a pretty strong motivator as well.
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    Looks like you got an active league, makes all the difference and nice team. Good times then!
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    This may have been addressed elsewhere in the past but I know it would be extremely helpful to know which members of each league have renewed. By opening up trading this soon after the season ended currently we are able to make trade offers to anyone in the league regardless of their renewal status. Trading should be disabled until renewal deadline date or only allowed to those that have renewed. PS - great idea on the orphan team for sale page - very helpful. One thing I have heard from some owners is that they are reluctant to buy an orphan without checking out the whole league. Is this possible?? LJ
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    I have never used a CC to pay for any dynasty league always sent in a cashier's check back in the old days and now I use my winnings yet we lose money for our winnings. Only those who use a CC should be forced to pay an extra free not those who never use it for paying of dynasty leagues.
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    This sparked an idea/proposal: Could a search filter be added where you could search for a player and show trade transactions involving that player across all FFPC dynasty leagues? That would be a very cool feature for us dyno heads.
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    The 1250 #8 spot was filled and the new guy has already pulled 6 trades in 4 days. Thats just how we roll!
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    I imagine this has been brought up before, but it would be great to have a tab on the league page for each Dynasty League that shows past champions by year, 2nd place finishes etc. Maybe even high scores, most victory points and other historical information that would be interesting in keeping the continuity of the league.
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    I ended up purchasing this team and have already made 3 trades. Anchored up Chief was great to work with on the purchase and the league is strong. Full of active owners IMO from what I have seen so far
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    1250 #8 has a team for sale boys! It's the best dyno league in ffpc. We have a chat that's been going daily for 2 years. We have the GOAT: cat like reflexes in the league. We have tough guys like: Chef. We have prudent guys like Bellysan. We have crazy good traders like Tapei Tony himself: team747. We have crazy bad traders like Nee Guy. We have boastful champs like "donutman" Long Johns. We have a a podiatrist that sends pictures of half chopped off feet every other week to the group ..the doc himself: GWWYG. And Don't even get me started on Stan. Get in while you can and play in Ffpc's #1 league.
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    Guys, Many states have added or are adding arduous and expensive fantasy sports laws that include annual fees up to $10,000 and/or 15% tax on gross margin, annual audits, compliance audits, game testings, random server requirements and much more. We have added a full-time compliance officer. Our margins in many states with laws like New Jersey will be cut in half. So while you may have complaints about CC fees and payouts and so on, please consider that this is a vastly different fantasy sports industry that we now exist in and we are striving to be able to keep the lights on and provide the same or better product each season at sizably reduced margins.
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    Great link above in regards to winnings You can see more detail by going to your league home page and near the top right click the drop down box that says SEASON (just under the future picks green box). Once you select a year, then select the white box labeled STANDINGS at the very top right. Shows: W-L records...VP's.....Points For and Against
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    While not updated yet with 2017 - here is the page with all the winners http://myffpc.com/ffpccontent/play/dynasty-leagues/kings-of-dynasty/
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    firstName lastName pos TeamCount Todd Gurley RB 3052 Le'Veon Bell RB 2655 Julio Jones WR 2377 Rob Gronkowski TE 1830 Alvin Kamara RB 1785 Adam Thielen WR 1695 Leonard Fournette RB 1657 JAC Team Defense DF 1499 Travis Kelce TE 1277 Zach Ertz TE 1184 Graham Gano PK 1183 Tom Brady QB 1132 Kareem Hunt RB 961 PHI Team Defense DF 825 Tyreek Hill WR 794 Michael Thomas WR 764 Ryan Succop PK 745 Jake Elliott PK 643 Drew Brees QB 620 Stefon Diggs WR 593 Case Keenum QB 524 Christian McCaffrey RB 497 Matt Bryant PK 399 Devonta Freeman RB 359 BUF Team Defense DF 355 Antonio Brown WR 354 Alex Smith QB 337 CAR Team Defense DF 298 MIN Team Defense DF 281 Cam Newton QB 275 Dion Lewis RB 254 Mark Ingram RB 215 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR 202 Greg Olsen TE 201 Ben Roethlisberger QB 194 Steven Hauschka PK 153 Derrick Henry RB 147 Brandin Cooks WR 145 Alshon Jeffery WR 144 Jared Goff QB 139 Blake Bortles QB 127 Delanie Walker TE 118 Kai Forbath PK 112 Nelson Agholor WR 101 Latavius Murray RB 97 Robert Woods WR 83 Devin Funchess WR 80 LA Team Defense DF 76 Kyle Rudolph TE 76 Matt Ryan QB 61 Mohamed Sanu WR 60 Keelan Cole WR 53 Josh Lambo PK 50 Harrison Butker PK 47 Jay Ajayi RB 47 LeSean McCoy RB 39 Rishard Matthews WR 39 Stephen Gostkowski PK 37 Cooper Kupp WR 37 TEN Team Defense DF 37 ATL Team Defense DF 33 Wil Lutz PK 33 Nick Foles QB 30 Jerick McKinnon RB 27 Rex Burkhead RB 19 KC Team Defense DF 19 Chris Boswell PK 18 Chris Hogan WR 17 Charles Clay TE 16 NO Team Defense DF 14 Sam Ficken PK 13 Sammy Watkins WR 7 Marqise Lee WR 6 Corey Davis WR 6 Martavis Bryant WR 6 PIT Team Defense DF 6 Dede Westbrook WR 6 Austin Hooper TE 5 Kelvin Benjamin WR 4 Marcus Mariota QB 4 Allen Hurns WR 4 Tevin Coleman RB 4 Danny Amendola WR 3 Eric Decker WR 3 Vance McDonald TE 2 Ted Ginn WR 2 Jesse James TE 1 Dan Carpenter PK 1 Russell Shepard WR 1 Marcedes Lewis TE 1 Tyrod Taylor QB 1 Jordan Gay PK 1 Jonathan Stewart RB 1 Jason Myers PK 1 DeMarco Murray RB 1 LeGarrette Blount RB 1 Albert Wilson WR 1 Roberto Aguayo PK 1
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    Real Man of Genius I can second and 3rd vouch this is hands down one of the better leagues I am a part of under the FFPC banner!! If we can add u into this league it will go down as the GREATEST DYNO ever under FFPC!!! worst case...... u have me in the league and ill trade to just trade to make sure the above 2 poster isn't lying LOL!!!!
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    I couldn't agree with this more. Once you reach a certain threshold of teams it is email overload and would be great to see from the My Teams page that you have trade offers pending.
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    I’m looking to possibly sell my team in the $750#6 league by way of private sale for the right price. 2018 fees have already been paid. Below is the roster and it is a very strong team. If you are interested or want to make an offer please e-mail me at Troy.p.kelly@gmail.com Andrew Luck Phillip Rivers Eli Manning Ezekiel Elliot David Johnson Lamar Miller Jeremy Hill Matt Forte Keenan Allen Allen Robinson Jordy Nelson Stefon Diggs Josh Gordon Golden Tate Doug Baldwin Gronkowski Olsen 2018 picks 4.7 All of my 2019 picks
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    Go get em doc! That teams worth 2 large, easy. Sammy Watkins alone is worth a Benny Franklin!
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    I won’t reveal what the exact sale price was because I don’t want it to influence the price of other people trying to sell their teams and using mine as a comparable. What I can say is that the final sale price was very fair for the strength of the team.
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    Point # 1 above is a great idea and something I have thought about before.....a green box titled "see all current trade offers" next to the "manage all lineups" green box (which btw is awesome to have) Point #2.....this is definitely planned for this off season, right? I have no clue as to the inner workings, but if the rectangles we see in our trade emails could be replicated, I think that would be a tremendous improvement. Not sure if this concept is feasible for every offer sent or received, but hoping it can be done for every completed trade.
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    We can definitely think about it and see if there is interest. If players don't mind paying the higher entry fee along with the higher deposit(s) to make sure we are able to re-sell orphan teams, I don't see why it wouldn't work. What were you thinking, $5,000-entry?