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    Huggers. So lucky. And so good-looking. He has it all. I hate him.
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    2Packer, excellent coverage this year. I missed your earlier question- but, yes, heart surgery went very well- I am Wasp 2.0 according to the cardiologist!
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    Just a question and a few comments... GREAT JOB on each small (and not so small) upgrade your team has been adding to the software! I've loved the ones I've noticed, and I'm sure there are even more flying under the radar. One request would be to pile on years as the years go on to the player stats and fantasy points we see when clicking on a player. So far it has been the current season, and the prior year, but if it were possible, it would be outstanding to have a dropdown that went back even further. Not looking for retroactive programming, but just adding a year as each year passes, so in 2020 we can click a dropdown box and still be able to see the breakdown schedules and fantasy production from 2019 through 2016. In a prefect world, it would be awesome to have some indicator on our "My Teams" page that showed you if you had oustanding trade offers for dynasty leagues. (like we have for rostered players on BYE) Some little alert built in. My question is this... Let's say I have a dynasty team with 5 players listed on IR. Being able to swap out one IR player for another IR player would be greatly beneficial. As is, I'm not sure how to make that switch. Right now, the players on IR have one dropdown option, DROP. I'd have to actually drop a coveted player from my dynasty active roster in order to move any player from IR back to active roster. I understand that makes sense when all 20 of your active roster is deemed healthy, but was looking for a fix when a team has more than 4 players on IR. Keep up the good work! Your software is bye FAR the best for dealing with multiple waiver wire teams, sorting via "last week" or "projected" etc. (adding a "rookie" option to the dropdown menu for searching the waiver wire (like you added to the drafting software this offseason...awesome!) would also be quite cool. Thanks a bunch for your ear!
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    Special thanks to our new sponsor Erik Balkman. Each week the lowest scoring team will be the recipient of the Eric Balkman award winning a free beer on Eric and a shoulder to cry on. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and helping out.