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  1. This is a must have list.... please add......
  2. all good i wished you well Dave, but i call it like i see it, one year and bail .... No biggie but own it and move on....... ....
  3. Uh, its supposed to be a 2500 DYNASTY league. If it is that tenuous, maybe you shouldn't play. Maybe I shouldn't lick a taxi cab seat in Thailand. Thanks Dad for the advise. might be he doesn't want another one year wonder......
  4. how do leagues reset divisions ? thanks
  5. Are we sure the league is big enough for Tony and Chef........ water and oil.....
  6. Do some looking around and seeing what top 4 rd1 go for, later rd1 , rd2 ect, prior to trading yours ....... take your time, and if your going to make a big splash early with your new team see what other owners will give for the bigmane your dealing ,don't take first owner that calls......
  7. Chef thanks one more 1250 with some you you dudes sure, but that's how big my balls are...
  8. Agree owner must be pd up if trading .... No exceptions
  9. That was me. And like I said I really don't care I don't have the much strategy game, but there are those that do and to be fair the rule should start 2018....
  10. Consulor you should advise your client to do a startup over those big dogs.....
  11. I like the new date better. That said I agree 100% with menobrown the change does affect things enough that it should not take affect immediately as some use the early cut down on there overall strategy. Hence I 100% agree cut down date should be early This year and changed for next year .....
  12. i like what we have, also like bottom 4 playing it out for 1.01--1.04,5/6 are gonna go for it if there smart.......
  13. You Big Boys have it out, i'm way to scared of that.........