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  1. nicely done, the top 14 teams only had 4 champions. part of that may be because in playing the 4 seed (2nd most points that are not already in) they are actually playing a better team than the 3 seed (best record after 1 and 2 seeds) Overall I think that 4 seeds with higher season point total are stronger than the 3 seed.
  2. Can the FFPC explain the process of assigning positions to players? Byron Marshall was listed by the Eagles as a RB and actually played as RB in 2016/2017 He was on the practice squad this year as a RB before Washington picked him up. Why is he listed as a WR?
  3. New to this site, where's everyone from and what are you drinking? Koolaid is an appropriate answer for those that picked David Johnson. Cressona, Pa and Sam Adams Maple Red tonight.
  4. I was referring to making it 1QB,2RB 3WR, 1TE, 1K, ID and 2flex. 11 total starters. Being able to start 1 more player would lessen luck and increase skill.
  5. Would the FFPC consider adding a 3rd WR to its starting lineups? This is a game of skill and by playing an extra wr would reward managers for having good draft and a deep bench. I think skilled players would welcome the change.
  6. I joined multiple league here. If you did the same post your best and worst rankings In the BFG I am a Fantasy Genius , team name Badges, we don't need no stinking badges, 188.7 points 12th place out of 7200 I am a Fantasy Idiot , team name NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP, 79 points, 7110 place out of 7200