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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I hope you do consider putting in a more in-depth, more comprehensive explanation of waivers in the Rules explanation of your site in the future.
  2. I am surprised to not see any reply to my question about bid groups. So, let me rephrase it and perhaps someone would be kind enough to answer. Let's say I, (owner A), create two bid groups and owner B creates one bid group. Let's say I lose my waiver bid to get a player in my first bid group. I, Owner A, choose a primary and contingency player in my second bid group and I am outbid on my primary player in the second bid group. Owner B chooses the same player as my contigency player in his only bid group and bids $5. I bid $20 on my contigency player in the second bid group. Is it correct that Owner B wins the player despite the lower bid because this is his first bid group and his primary player as opposed to my (owner A) second bid group who is a contigency player? I can't figure out why I lost the same player (see the example in my first post) that someone else bid on and I bid higher than the other owner. I still wish there was a comprehensive explanation of waiver rules somewhere on the site.
  3. I am a newcomer to FFPC and while I read the FFPC rules for Classic leagues, I really see little explanation about bid groups and how these get processed. For example, I put together three bid groups for last Wednesday's waivers. In one bid group I bid $27 on Trevor Siemian dropping Deshawn Watson. I ended up losing Siemian to another player who bid $5. My guess is that since this was my second bid group and the second qb listed in that group (I was outbid on my first qb listed) that this must have been the other player's first priority in his only bid group. But, I really don't know for sure and don't know exactly why a lower priced bid can win out over a higher priced one. I searched "waivers" on the message boards and did not see an explanation although I did see a mention that a detailed explanation in waivers would be forthcoming back in 2014. Is there a very detailed explanation of how waivers are run that I can access? I really feel this lack of information about the waiver process puts newcomers at an unnecessary competitive disadvantage in FFPC leagues.
  4. I disagree and wish FFPC had an app. The mobile site is barely passable as It is not that easy to scroll around on a phone compared to other FF sites. This is my first year using FFPC but I doubt I will be entering any leagues in FFPC next year unless either the mobile site becomes much more easier to use (ex: entering waiver bids) on an I-Phone or there is an easy to use app. As it is there are too many steps I have to go through and too much difficulty in scrolling, to get the information I want during the draft and during the waiver bid period.