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  1. i'm really curious, does anyone mock draft anymore?
  2. hi
  3. went to see "don't breathe". it stank.
  4. i see that there are two classic drafts at 7:00 on aug. 19. leagues 4173 and league 3534. are one of these leagues actually going to be drafted at 9:00?
  5. not having the game is bad enough.
  6. a look into the past.
  7. one of my favorite days of the year
  8. watched captain america civil war. disappointing is all i can say.
  9. i went to see batman v superman last night. good but not great.
  11. i have been told jack had been ill.
  12. i have been told that veteran fantasy football player jack ross has died. rest in peace in jack, you will be missed
  13. went to see spectre. good movie. some great story lines. could have used more action. will go to see it again at the matinee.
  14. any ideas on where next year will be located? word on the street was that caesars wasn't on the ball this year.