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  1. plus they cost too much to create.
  2. Any idea when the leagues will appear on our "my teams" pages?
  3. add an extension or two and we may see them 1st week of August.......
  4. Russ Steele tried to get these going a couple years back.
  5. you should have seen the genesis back in the day.....i fell bad and kinda sad for such a fall from grace!
  6. Chris, Alex and Dave, Love you guys! You have the best product on the market. I have been here since year one and will be here till the end! Can you please, please and i may be begging for my sanity here, Can you please ask the brains of the site I.T. department to work on the player rankings and sorting format?!?! It is quite literally the most frustrating thing in my FF world. The ability to sort and rank players by position isn't there or if it is i just am not smart enough to figure that out....God knows ive spent hours and hours trying. Also, why does it not save the rankings after i have gone through the bamboo shoved under my fingernail process that is currently in place?!? Agian, in closing, LOVE LOVE LOVE you all, but please help the draft process become a better place not only for my sanity but the well being of all that play here as much as i do!
  7. very muted...i kinda like it. easier to look at unlike some of these posts.....
  8. yall still just a bunch of wanna be's
  9. those ball rooms are gigantic, you should consider spreading the league tables out more. leagues on top of each other gets to loud and messy. you can hear three leagues drafts in harmony.
  10. I'll buy all the Gurely shares I can get my hands on.....just saying
  11. I agree with BiB...don't need a one year entry then bail.