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  1. It makes no sense to lock out players from FA starting week 10 in Classic leagues. These are 12 team leagues there is no 250K prize on the line you would have to have some pretty pathetic people if they are trying to collude in a 12 team league. There are waivers until week 16 there is no reason to be locking out players starting in week 10 it kills entire FA pool what was the point of saving money if there are no players left to pick up and if you get a couple QB injuries you are screwed with no QB's left to pick as example in 1 of my classics 3 starting QBs were dropped this week that shallows out the pool so if you get a QB injury your picking up the back up QB of your team if your lucky. Suggestion start locking out players that are dropped week 13 since the playoffs weeks 14-16. Will be back next year when the same rules are posted and nothing is changed as it never is changed.
  2. Still hoping to see this get done before the year. The Multi-league Lineup Management page is a great tool but with having around 30 teams it doesn't help me if I don't know which team is which. All I ask is that a team name is placed next to or in place of where it shows the league number and/or date of the league it was from. Just add a team name in front of all that and this is going to be a huge help. Then I can just go right to that page and know what team to go to. Also would be a great help if the order these teams came up matched the order I have them sorted on my home page. Right now they are just in a random order I can't sort.
  3. I know that I am out on an island here and no one else will like this suggestion but here me out on how this could improve the FFPC dynasty leagues. If we had a 2 man taxi squad for rookies only that you could hold a rookie for up to one year how great would this make these dynasty leagues ? For one the draft would become much more important those 5th - 7th round picks no one really cares about because all your doing now is throwing darts because you know you will have to cut these players 90% of the time anyway would all of a sudden become much more valuable. A guy like Mahomes is a prime example he is someone no one can really draft except maybe late and hope for Alex Smith to get hurt otherwise he gets cut unless your a rebuilding team. With a 20 man roster with byes and injuries that come your roster can't hold guys like this or similar guys at any position. So by having a 2 man taxi squad maybe someone would draft a guy like Mahomes now in the 2nd round because he knows he can sit on him a year. Those 5th-7th round picks now become much more valuable as you are drafting guys that could stick on your taxi for a year. The same rules would still apply the following cut down season you would have to cut these guys on March 15th if they are not part of your 16 keepers so that does not change. This also keeps the roster at 20 players (I thought I heard maybe some talk of expanding the roster maybe not). I know most would not go for this but it would make the league much.
  4. Can't wait
  5. Would have liked to see it moved to March 31st but the 15th is better than Feb 28th. FA for the NFL starts March 9th so some players will be signed but sometimes other players are signed after March 15th.
  6. Would really like to see this fixed for next year. This was a great useful tool that I basically couldn't use all year because I had no idea which teams I was even looking at. If you could put the team name in the area where you are giving us the date and draft would be very helpful. Ordering these in the same order we have our teams set would be of great help as well. Do these 2 things and this would be a great and useful tool to have speed up lineups instead of having to go into each league page.
  7. Ok now I would like a few changes to the manage all line up page. First it needs to have the name of each team it just says what league number and date so that's just gibbersh to me I need my team name on there I don't need league numbers or dates I would say replace the league number/date of draft with just our team name. 2nd I would like that manage lineup page to be sorted the same way I have my teams in that order. The order is all out of whack as it did not sort the same way I sorted my teams. Do this and it would be really awesome. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for adding the team sorting and manage all teams on 1 page. Much appreciated.
  9. Still hoping that you can add being able to move your teams around on the home page in the order you want them in. Would prefer to be able to move up my teams that are doing well and move down the teams that are not doing well during the season and also be able to order them in the way I want to start the year.
  10. To be able to see guest leagues again would be cool.
  11. Got to love the NFL they totally by pass week 12 byes and drop them in week 13. Hey NFL I have an idea instead of having 2 teams bye in weeks 4, 6 and 7 put 4 teams on bye...crazy idea I know.
  12. Congrats something you will remember for a lifetime.
  13. I suggest the preseason waivers is moved to the Wednesday 1 day before season (Thursday game). I seen many teams without a kicker this week because the NFL cuts are Saturday and their kicker got dropped. I also seen teams without a 2nd RB (mine) because I had no clue Gray was getting cut so I had no 2nd RB (Gurley, Blount). There is no good reason why we can't have Waivers on the Wed like they are run during the regular season every Wed. Let's have a dyno league vote on this next year please.
  14. I have been asking for this since 2012 when I had to carry Best on the roster entire season and this year it is happening again with LaFell. I have been asking for this for 4 years but it falls on deaf ears as well despite one of the best sites out there MFL having a IR-PUP spot ability. It makes zero sense and it basically cost me my game this week since I didn't have the roster spot to keep Riddick for waivers I had to cut him because I had to roster LaFell instead of PUP/IR him and I lost by 7 pts because the guy I kept Jonas Gray got cut my NE AFTER our waivers ran which is another maddening thing that we run waivers before NFL cuts so I had no RB 2 this week with Gurley and Blount on my roster had I been able to PUP LaFell I win my game by 4 pts instead I lost by 7 with no RB 2. Very frustrating having to ask every year and for no good reason get shot down year after year. There is no difference between being able to IR a guy for return and a PUP guy that can't play. Not fair a team can IR a guy and bring him back but we have a guy WHO CAN NOT PLAY FOR 6 WEEK OR MORE but he can't be PUP'ed/IR'd. THERE IS NO CHANCE HE CAN PLAY just like the guy who is on IR for return. Hey I like these guys here who run this site I think highly of them and I love the site playing here but this is getting frustrating to deal with year after year after year. Waivers should be changed to the day before season (Thursday game) as well. I seen many teams have no kicker because of all the kickers getting dropped the day after waivers in the NFL. What is the reason we must have the waivers a week before the season ? That makes zero sense as well. It runs every Wednesday during the season let it run on Wednesday the day before season starts.