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  1. Public Service Announcement: has a new Mock Draft Trainer program with FFPC rules. Check it out! If you are already a subscriber: The Mock Draft tool is under the Tools tab at the top of the site.
  2. Updating the $750 Draft Experts #2 - Live in Las Vegas - Friday, 1:30pm Pacific 1. steve saunders SuperBowl Shufflers 2. chris saunders DirtyBirds 3. Rick Ramaker Serenity Now A 4. Carlos Valencia Atom Bums III 5. Robb Noye Wrench Time 6. Mike Bergmann Cougars 7. Darren Larson Rosenfoos 8. Marvin Avin GFY 9. Peter Bronstein Lost Compression 2 10. Shelly Fossum Naked Boot Legs DE 11. Mike Berkich HardHeads 12. Only 1 spot left!
  3. Hi there, You should have received an email. Maybe check your spam, it comes from It does take about 10-15 minutes after it fills. If indeed your draft is full, the draft room is correct. I can double check it for you if you send me an email ( with the draft information. Good luck & thanks for playing!
  4. The Post Memorial Day Classic filled the other day. Here is the draft order: 1 Classis Swiperz 2 Bike Life 3 Straight Cash Homies 4 RaysFins 5 Beantown 6 COSGROVE 7 Booyah IV 8 FLASHERS 9 Rednecks 10 FLUFF 11 fffsticks 12 P4P Good luck to all!
  5. Revelations is full! Draft Date: 5/6/2016 Draft Time: 9:00 PM ET Draft Type: Online Draft First Round Draft Order (subsequent rounds snake format): Pick Number Drafting Team 1 DudePlatinum 2 Carolina Cowboys 1 3 1st Swipe 4 TN Rednecks 5 House of Cards 6 Follow The Evidence 7 Iced Coffee 8 Straight Cash Homies 9 Sudden Birth 10 Kobeez Krew 11 Doughboys 12 Brown
  6. Hmmm, that was too easy.
  7. Good Morning, In the upper left-hand corner of the draft board page, there is a button that states Export Draft Results. Click on that and it will download the draft results to a CSV file which can be viewed in Excel. Let me know if you have any issues. Thank you, Chris Lambert
  8. ~Schwartzbacca, I will check on that link for you
  9. Hi Dan, Here is one for sale. It is posted in the thread below this one: We have a few more that will be posted soon. Dave has been making a list. You can email him at Thank you, Chris
  10. Congratulations! Exciting Season! Looking forward to processing your big check!
  11. Fantasy Mojo has a link on his site The top left link is labelled FFPC If you are looking for past winners info it is on our link here: Or contact me direct if you have a specific question! I will see if I can help!
  12. Did they really have to make another Planet of the Apes movie? Uhh, hated those! Back to the nightmares!
  13. Time to write more checks! Congratulations Team Mangina & all of the top 450 teams!
  14. I am in the process of deleting all the illegal teams left Chris
  15. I did Tough Mudder in Buffalo 2 days was a great experience. I have bruises on my bruises but I have already decided I am going to do it again next year. John Haskell sent me this: I did not see it happen but don't doubt there were other incidents. It is truly an experience that test you. For 2 days now getting up out of this chair has been a challenge. Anybody have any more registrations you want me to process or credit card transactions. I don't think I am moving from this chair anytime soon