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  1. I am in my first MFL league with some friends and am not impressed with the draft room/site (app and internet site). I haven't been using it to rank players so can't speak from that perspective but from most others ffpc is better.
  2. says July 31 on registration page.
  3. What is downside to consider h2h/VPs/playoffs? Keeps each week more interesting.
  4. Yes 24 hours allowed between picks. It is not email though, you still draft via the draft room on the website. You do get email notifications of picks and when you are on the clock.
  5. This Super Bowl matchup makes it an interesting finish to this great contest. Currently in the money (top 400) there is at least 20 different combinations for the Super Bowl. Though I didn't count how many of each combo. Of course some much more common than others (Jones/Edelman) and some more likely to win than others but bottom line there will be some movement within and from outside the current top 400. For example there are only a single digit number of Brady owners in current top 400. Good luck all. Personally I'm rooting for Brady/Freeman. I'm just outside the money and only 2 people ahead of me with that combo.
  6. An alternate option is have only teams 7, 8, 9 & 10 play weeks 14&15 (either 7 vs 10, & 8 vs 9 then winners play or an all play 2 week). The one winning team moves on to week 16 vs teams 11 & 12 to decide picks 1-3 ('all play'). Just a small twist. But this doesn't help team 10 (3rd worst). Or have teams 7,8&9 play week 14 with the winner going to final 4. Then team 10 (3rd worst) gets a top 4. My main dynasty comment is the dynasty playoff (cumulative) scoring/scoreboard needs improvement.
  7. The other thing I will say is that in dynasty you can take an abandoned team and turn it around, though not totally there yet. In this same league I joined last year in a dispersal draft of 3 abandoned teams (so you can imagine the available players). I don't have a single player still left from 18 months ago. . So in the offseason if dynasty teams come up for sale, consider taking on the challenge. (As most teams I did get hit with some injuries and I had these players before they went on IR) 2015 (pre rookie draft) QB: Rivers, Dalton RB: Foster, j Stewart, Blount WR: K Allen, Torrey Smith, Crabtree, Wallace, Adams, Lafell TE: H Miller, Fleener 2015 2.03 and some other draft picks. Now QB: Manning, Tannehill RB: McCoy, Lacy (IR), Vereen (IR), Sproles, C West, Asiata, Ferguson WR: Nelson, Sanders, Decker (IR), Shepard, Tyrell Williams, JJ Nelson, Sanu, Gabriel, Thielen TE: Graham, Rudolph And I still have my 2017 1st, 3rd and some other draft picks I should be able to compete for playoffs again next year
  8. Well though I didn't make playoffs in one of my leagues I will say that the dynasty playoff format is very good as it allows many teams to stay in it until the end. VIctory Points are also a good format. Anyway here was the close finish. It does hurt a little to be 7th as this is one of the $2500 leagues. For those who haven't done VP league or Dynasty (which uses VP) you should consider it! 6. Team A 7-6 26 VPs 1760 points 7. Team B 7-6 26 VPs 1720 points 8. Team C 6-7 25 VPs 1767 points 9. Team D 6-7 25 VPs 1730 points Note A and C are in same division as are B and D. Of course none are division leader. Shaun Z Loonie Toonies
  9. Looks like I am wrong. Email we received today says 24hr. Either I misremembered or it changed to that. Look forward to it
  10. My 2 leagues show rookie draft starts Monday May 16 at 8pm. Is that correct? Thought it was the 14th. Doesn't really matter but just checking.
  11. I really like this format, last year being my first year. I didn't make playoffs (by only 9 points) because I had only 1 QB (Ryan) going into week 1 due to injuries (Bradford) and QB battle (choosing wrong- Schaub late in draft) Anyway had my 2015 draft last night. I know there are still a few more drafts to go so won't post too much. There were a couple interesting picks. I was not looking forward to having #1 pick but I think it went ok. Better than I had thought it would. But then again that just might be me thinking. QB: Newton, Rivers, Hoyer RB: L Bell, Spiller, Morris, Crowell, A Williams, Heron WR: Hilton, Jeffery, S Smith, Latimer, Funchess, Dorsett, Montgomery, Shorts TE: Cameron, Ertz, Gresham K: Bullock, Hartley, Succop D: Bal, Indy, Chicago feel free to comment on mine or ours
  12. I've done it on slow drafts and has been fine. I do have trouble moving my queue by dragging. Have to use the arrows and they are a little skewed. Also maybe just me but I can't seem (from iPhone or iPad) to draft from my queue unless on auto. I have to go find the guy in the regular rank list. But search works well if he isn't near top.
  13. Yes as long as IR per the rules