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  1. firstName lastName pos TeamCount Todd Gurley RB 3052 Le'Veon Bell RB 2655 Julio Jones WR 2377 Rob Gronkowski TE 1830 Alvin Kamara RB 1785 Adam Thielen WR 1695 Leonard Fournette RB 1657 JAC Team Defense DF 1499 Travis Kelce TE 1277 Zach Ertz TE 1184 Graham Gano PK 1183 Tom Brady QB 1132 Kareem Hunt RB 961 PHI Team Defense DF 825 Tyreek Hill WR 794 Michael Thomas WR 764 Ryan Succop PK 745 Jake Elliott PK 643 Drew Brees QB 620 Stefon Diggs WR 593 Case Keenum QB 524 Christian McCaffrey RB 497 Matt Bryant PK 399 Devonta Freeman RB 359 BUF Team Defense DF 355 Antonio Brown WR 354 Alex Smith QB 337 CAR Team Defense DF 298 MIN Team Defense DF 281 Cam Newton QB 275 Dion Lewis RB 254 Mark Ingram RB 215 JuJu Smith-Schuster WR 202 Greg Olsen TE 201 Ben Roethlisberger QB 194 Steven Hauschka PK 153 Derrick Henry RB 147 Brandin Cooks WR 145 Alshon Jeffery WR 144 Jared Goff QB 139 Blake Bortles QB 127 Delanie Walker TE 118 Kai Forbath PK 112 Nelson Agholor WR 101 Latavius Murray RB 97 Robert Woods WR 83 Devin Funchess WR 80 LA Team Defense DF 76 Kyle Rudolph TE 76 Matt Ryan QB 61 Mohamed Sanu WR 60 Keelan Cole WR 53 Josh Lambo PK 50 Harrison Butker PK 47 Jay Ajayi RB 47 LeSean McCoy RB 39 Rishard Matthews WR 39 Stephen Gostkowski PK 37 Cooper Kupp WR 37 TEN Team Defense DF 37 ATL Team Defense DF 33 Wil Lutz PK 33 Nick Foles QB 30 Jerick McKinnon RB 27 Rex Burkhead RB 19 KC Team Defense DF 19 Chris Boswell PK 18 Chris Hogan WR 17 Charles Clay TE 16 NO Team Defense DF 14 Sam Ficken PK 13 Sammy Watkins WR 7 Marqise Lee WR 6 Corey Davis WR 6 Martavis Bryant WR 6 PIT Team Defense DF 6 Dede Westbrook WR 6 Austin Hooper TE 5 Kelvin Benjamin WR 4 Marcus Mariota QB 4 Allen Hurns WR 4 Tevin Coleman RB 4 Danny Amendola WR 3 Eric Decker WR 3 Vance McDonald TE 2 Ted Ginn WR 2 Jesse James TE 1 Dan Carpenter PK 1 Russell Shepard WR 1 Marcedes Lewis TE 1 Tyrod Taylor QB 1 Jordan Gay PK 1 Jonathan Stewart RB 1 Jason Myers PK 1 DeMarco Murray RB 1 LeGarrette Blount RB 1 Albert Wilson WR 1 Roberto Aguayo PK 1
  2. We can definitely think about it and see if there is interest. If players don't mind paying the higher entry fee along with the higher deposit(s) to make sure we are able to re-sell orphan teams, I don't see why it wouldn't work. What were you thinking, $5,000-entry?
  3. I think this is far from an easy fix in terms of organizing this and expecting the newly appointed monitors to perform on a weekly basis. What if they get bored, or distracted, or sick one week? What if life gets in the way? Do we hold them responsible for not noticing a kicker on bye? Or do we assign an assistant monitor in case the first one can't do his duty? My experience here at FFPC tells me this may be much more trouble than it seems. Is this a welcome one? Probably. Players may think it would help. Needed one? Not sure. 2018 will be the 9th year of FFPC dynasty format and we have made it this far without league monitors. I guess what I don't understand is, if every league has owners like you who are engaged, active and as you say, happy to be a monitor, then why do we need to officially name someone a monitor? Why not let those engaged and active owners just be who they are: active and engaged. They pay attention to the league, they know what's going on, and the FFPC can encourage them to continue being such. And I'm sure others in the league will keep an eye out too. And if they see an issue, report it to Dave. We reserve the right to retroactively change the lineup in Dynasty and have done it many times. I just don't see how assigning the title of monitor to each league changes anything that doesn't already exist, just not officially.
  4. Robert, I will ask this question in all seriousness so please don't take it as facetious. Are you asking for FFPC to install this in-league 'commish' because you see this is a problem in all FFPC dynasty leagues or your leagues? I just can't believe that any dynasty league you are in have had this issue. I don't think I would be overstating when I say you are clearly one of the most engaged and active dynasty owners the FFPC has. If you are asking for a 'commish' in a dynasty league for the simple purpose of overseeing rosters, I can't believe that any of your leagues would need this type of 'commish' as I know you would have the few moments needed to check the lineups and make sure all owners are submitting them. If you are asking for other leagues besides your own, I think that's fair but I also think it's strange that you would be making this request and not the owners from those other leagues which are having this issues - however many there are.
  5. He's a WR
  6. See this thread on a different player but same situation:
  7. There are hundreds of obscure, undrafted or rookie players out there who are on/off practice squads, on/off teams, in/out of the league from year to year. There isn't some organized way to keep up with those players who change positions at some point unless someone realizes that the position that particular player is listed as in our database isn't the same as his official team position. If this is brought to our attention before the season starts, we can make the change. Once the season starts our official rules state the following: "Player position eligibility and designation is determined by FFPC during the pre-season and may be changed any time by FFPC before the start of the NFL season. FFPC participants agree to accept these designations and understand the final position designations may be different from the time their FFPC drafts were conducted"
  8. The bill passed and is on the way to the governor for signature. The $50K + 15% tax is a hefty price to pay to operate in a single state but the FFPC will likely be able to overcome this and remain in PA. Can't say the same for any other small fantasy sports operator. Unless they do it without a license, which would be extremely unwise as the PA Gaming Commission will be the governing body of the fantasy sports industry.
  9. From the FFPC league rules: "Player position eligibility and designation is determined by FFPC during the pre-season and may be changed any time by FFPC before the start of the NFL season. FFPC participants agree to accept these designations and understand the final position designations may be different from the time their FFPC drafts were conducted." So based on that, he will remain a WR. This is also going to be addressed in today's FFPC enewsletter.
  10. I don't know the exact way you structured your bids but it is possible to "lose" to a lower bid with one of your contingent bids. I use " " around lose because you technically aren't losing that bid -- it was never looked at by the computer as it was your contingent bid and your primary bid was probably not yet considered/looked at by the logic. At least I assume this is what happened -- like I said, I don't have your exact bids in front of me. Simply put, don't worry about how other owners are structuring their bids and groups. Just worry about your own. Put as many contingent players as you can to make sure you always get someone. Or in some cases, you may not want to have limited or not have any contingent bids if you want to drop a player ONLY if you can pick up a certain other player. In general, remember that only 1 player per group can be picked up, and dropped of course. Also it's usually helpful to make a bid group for just the Kickers or just the Defenses, or QBs, etc. Not that you can't mix and match -- you definitely can. But it can get confusing especially if you aren't perfectly sure how the bidding logic and system works. Hopefully I helped at least a little. Good luck to you!
  11. We've had 10 years with the current format with no changes to roster or scoring. I know some people like to keep improving but we prefer keeping with tradition and I think that's one of the main reasons FFPC players return year to year. Let's give it 10 more years and re-evaluate then?
  12. Not sure what kind of speech logic would be needed for this, how advanced to not butcher half the player names. I also question now many would be annoyed by this and turn it off. I would bet more than 50%, maybe 75%+ would? So if we are adding a complex feature for 25% or less of FFPC players, is it worth the trouble and cost (which it may very well end up being)?
  13. Both the primary owner and co-manager have full access to draft room and league pages.
  14. As per FFPC Terms & Conditions, "legal residents of Virginia are not eligible to create new accounts, enter contests or win prizes in the FFPC" so co-managers can have access to teams if given it by legal team owners. Florida is a legal state at the moment.