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  1. Very soon
  2. We do not have an app just yet but FFPC league pages are mobile responsive and you can definitely make lineups changes and see live scoring on your phone.
  3. Draft Experts Formats Pay 100% in Credits For Top 6 Introducing a brand way to win in season long fantasy football leagues, the FFPC brings up Double Up leagues in the Draft Experts format, available as Slow and Live drafts. And the best part is the payout is 100 percent! Here's How It Works: Join a $35 or $250 Draft Experts Double-Up league here, available as either Slow or Live draft Finish in the top half of the league (top 6) and earn two (2) free League Credits in the same $35 or $250 entry fee Use these $35 and $250 League Credits for ANY future $35 or $250 FFPC leagues That's it! All you need to do is be better than average to earn yourself two free teams for the following year. For those of you not familiar with FFPC Draft Experts format, it also is known as "best ball". There are no in-season transactions, waiver pickups or lineup submissions. Scores are kept track weekly by the league engine which automatically optimizes your team’s best scoring lineups. Each team will receive the optimum point total for the week which means that fantasy points of the top-scoring QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, D/ST, K, and 2 Flex will be awarded to your total. The highest scoring team over the course of the season wins. Fantasy players like this format, as it allows players to “draft it & forget it”. Give them a try!
  4. Do You Have What It Takes? Casual Drafters Need Not Apply To Exclusive HOT LIST We know how frustrating it can be to join an FFPC or FPC league and have it canceled falling only two or three drafters short, right? Well, we're going to fix that with our new FFPC Hot List today! We're being very selective in who gets on the FFPC Hot List right now. In order to be eligible, you must meet the following criteria. You must: You must be looking to add more drafts. You have to be an absolute fantasy football freak. You are obligated to save unfilled FFPC drafts for everyone. You need to be able to draft at a moment's notice. When you click the link below or register your email for approval on the FFC Hot List here, you'll receive a “Draft Imminent” email whenever there is an FFPC or FPC draft that is still short one or two teams and is about to go off. Just click the link to register and let the praise wash over you when you enter the draft room for being the 12th owner that got the draft off the ground! You can unsubscribe at any time, but--if you're up to it--joining the FFPC Hot List is the perfect way to ensure more drafting fun this summer and you can draft almost immediately when you register for a league off the Hot List. Be a part of it and join the FFPC Hot List today! Subscribe to the FFPC ***HOT*** LIST Now!
  5. Many of our content partners put out excellent FFPC-related content so we decided to put it all under one roof on this page: FFPC Draft Tools The page is separated into FREE and PREMIUM content as some of these tools will be behind a pay wall at some point (if not already). We will continue adding to this page as we get more content throughout the year. Hope you enjoy it!
  6. Joes have been selected (click link below). Still confirming the Pros.
  7. This has now been added
  8. Those of you who were at the live FFPC events in Vegas last year saw me parading around with shiny football helmet, showing it off as the prototype of the future FFPC Main Event trophy. Well, the future is now ladies and gents as I just received the Official 2017 FFPC Main Event trophy helmet and it will be awarded this year to the overall champion. Not to brag - ok I will just a little - but this helmet is well over one year in the making with collaboration of our designer, Dave & myself, 2 different helmet shops (the 1st didn't measure up) and countless emails/conferences between all parties trying to bang out the various aspects of the design. Even after we received the prototype which some of you saw last year, we continued tweaking it further when ordering the actual 2017 trophy version. This is the official, game ready Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet (size large) with the following options... Helmet fully chromed out with silver chrome Facemask chromed out with lime green chrome Custom double hexagon stripes Custom FFPC "the catch" logos on both sides Custom front, rear bumpers and side decals Custom blue iridium SHOC visor with chrome UA branded visor clips Custom SportStar chinstrap Custom Glass Case The photos you see below are of the prototype version. The actual trophy has a large "2017" decal on the side and "Main Event Champion" on rear bumper. The glass case will have a customized plaque with the champion's name and team name on the outside, which will be added after the completion of the season. And for those of you who didn't see this baby in person, let me say that the photos do not do it justice. It is HOT! Not trying to pat ourselves on the back but just wanted to stress that this is a very special piece which was created to be the most unique trophy in all of fantasy sports and I personally believe we achieved this goal. I know that the $250,000 grand prize is still the greatest component to winning the Main Event but we hope that adding this trophy to your mantle or mancave will be a pretty strong motivator as well.
  9. Big thanks to everyone who took advantage of the Early Bird deadline and registered for the Main Event! Chris is still picking up some stragglers today but are well over 700 teams already, which represents a big bump from same time last year. In this difficult time in our industry, when we are forced to exit some states due to overwhelming cost of compliance with the new fantasy laws, we are truly appreciative of all of you who continue to support the FFPC. You guys are the best and we will continue to do everything in our power to fight for your right to enjoy your hobby. I'm also super excited to say that registrations for the LIVE drafts at Planet Hollywood are up by over 20% from last year. So players will definitely be coming out to our new Vegas home and celebrate our 10th Anniversary. This September should be a total blast. Can't wait!
  10. Just 2 1/2 days left for the Main Event Early Bird. Lock in your $100 discount for your first team, $250 for each additional. And remember, each team is a raffle ticket into the Pros vs Joes drawing (only 36 openings)
  11. Excellent suggestion. Let me ask.
  12. This has been added
  13. Hey FFPC players! We are super excited to introduce a brand new feature to the FFPC platform: The ability for players to create and schedule their own live online leagues! As you may have seen on your MyTeams page or on certain registration pages like Online Satellites, Superflex, Victory Points Cash Leagues and Dynasty leagues, there are new buttons called "Create League" or "Create Your Own Leagues". The process is very easy and quick. Here are the options and the features of this new functionality: 1. When opening the create your own league page, you have the ability to choose one of the following formats for your league: Classic - 'Live' Online Draft Draft Experts - 'Live' Online Draft Draft Experts Plus - 'Live' Online Draft VP Cash League - 'Live' Online Draft Dynasty League 2. Then you choose the entry fee for your league. You have a wide range of entry fees for each league format. The prize structures are the same as you are used to for all FFPC leagues and is available by clicking on the little green dollar sign icon. 3. You then choose your scoring model: FFPC Standard or FFPC Superflex. Please note that the Superflex scoring is currently limited to Classic, DE and DE+ formats. 4. Now choose the Date & Time for your draft. These are all Live Online drafts and even though they are created by you, each will still have an Live FFPC draft facilitator to monitor your draft. Your draft date can be any day of the week with the following time windows: Monday-Friday 6pm ET thru Midnight. Saturday-Sunday 11am ET thru Midnight. Please be careful in selecting your draft time as you need to use Military Time. So if you want a 6pm Eastern start time, you need to select 18:00. 5. You then enter your team name and co-manager info, if you have one. Please remember that all co-managers need their own FFPC account to access their teams, as usual. 6. At this point you click on the button titled "Save League Settings and Proceed to Payment Page" 7. On this page, you can overview the league you are about to create and edit any of the above items. Please note that you are not currently able to make any edits after your league is created so this is the time to make sure everything is correct, especially the date and time of your draft. 8. Once you are satisfied with the above, you proceed to payment. If you have funds in your account or a credit for the type of league you are creating, you are able to use this for payment. Or you can click on ADD FUNDS to fund your account. 9. Click on the "Create League and Process Payment" button. You league is now created and will show up on the registration lobby. NOW COMES THE FUN PART!! 10. You get to name your league! Feel free to be creative but please keep it clean - we will not tolerate inappropriate language. 11. Now you can invite your friends or people you know to join your league. Whether they are an existing FFPC player or not, you can invite them by entering their email or if you know their FFPC user name, you can enter it instead. There's also an additional comment section if you want to add a note or some friendly trash talk! 12. And if you're a social media junkie, you can easily share your new league on Twitter or Facebook with a simple click of the icons on that page. 13. Voila! You are done and now can proceed to your league by clicking on the "Go To Your League" button. A few things to remember: - These are not private leagues and will be placed in the FFPC registration lobby and open to the public when you create them. With that said, if you send like 12-15 invites to fantasy diehards, the league will likely fill with mostly cool people you know pretty quickly. The ability for private leagues may be added at some point in the future. - You can sort by FFPC or Player-Created leagues in the registration lobby - This functionality is brand new and may still have a few quirks - please let us know if you see something not working as it should be. - This is Phase 1 of this functionality and we will continue to add features. Please let us know the kind of features you would like to see added. You input is highly appreciated and welcomed!
  14. Remind me please - didn't we have a time stamp there at some point recently? Did it disappear?