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  1. The bill passed and is on the way to the governor for signature. The $50K + 15% tax is a hefty price to pay to operate in a single state but the FFPC will likely be able to overcome this and remain in PA. Can't say the same for any other small fantasy sports operator. Unless they do it without a license, which would be extremely unwise as the PA Gaming Commission will be the governing body of the fantasy sports industry.
  2. From the FFPC league rules: "Player position eligibility and designation is determined by FFPC during the pre-season and may be changed any time by FFPC before the start of the NFL season. FFPC participants agree to accept these designations and understand the final position designations may be different from the time their FFPC drafts were conducted." So based on that, he will remain a WR. This is also going to be addressed in today's FFPC enewsletter.
  3. I don't know the exact way you structured your bids but it is possible to "lose" to a lower bid with one of your contingent bids. I use " " around lose because you technically aren't losing that bid -- it was never looked at by the computer as it was your contingent bid and your primary bid was probably not yet considered/looked at by the logic. At least I assume this is what happened -- like I said, I don't have your exact bids in front of me. Simply put, don't worry about how other owners are structuring their bids and groups. Just worry about your own. Put as many contingent players as you can to make sure you always get someone. Or in some cases, you may not want to have limited or not have any contingent bids if you want to drop a player ONLY if you can pick up a certain other player. In general, remember that only 1 player per group can be picked up, and dropped of course. Also it's usually helpful to make a bid group for just the Kickers or just the Defenses, or QBs, etc. Not that you can't mix and match -- you definitely can. But it can get confusing especially if you aren't perfectly sure how the bidding logic and system works. Hopefully I helped at least a little. Good luck to you!
  4. We've had 10 years with the current format with no changes to roster or scoring. I know some people like to keep improving but we prefer keeping with tradition and I think that's one of the main reasons FFPC players return year to year. Let's give it 10 more years and re-evaluate then?
  5. Not sure what kind of speech logic would be needed for this, how advanced to not butcher half the player names. I also question now many would be annoyed by this and turn it off. I would bet more than 50%, maybe 75%+ would? So if we are adding a complex feature for 25% or less of FFPC players, is it worth the trouble and cost (which it may very well end up being)?
  6. Both the primary owner and co-manager have full access to draft room and league pages.
  7. As per FFPC Terms & Conditions, "legal residents of Virginia are not eligible to create new accounts, enter contests or win prizes in the FFPC" so co-managers can have access to teams if given it by legal team owners. Florida is a legal state at the moment.
  8. I assume you have been able to sync your FFPC teams with the FantasyPros service?
  9. Answer to first part: we are filling about 40% more $35s and $77s this year than last, which was our best year. It's just happening more on the day of the draft, vs in advance. Maybe that's what you are seeing. Second part: as a business decision for FFPC, Double Ups only make sense in the format we are offering. At least that's how we see it at the moment. We're always re-evaluating though. Hopefully FFPC players like this format and the 100% payouts in form of credits.
  10. Could you explain to me in detail exactly how you invision it working in your view. Feel free to email me.
  11. Currently our team is working on overhauling the Live Scoring page to have it ready in time for the start of the season. That will probably be the last 'major' project and we will shift our attention to compliance and admin related functions. We also are in the early stages of FFPC App development.
  12. I'm not suggesting that the pop-up roster window on the MyTeams page is more important than other improvements. But on the other hand, the player ranking issue hasn't bothered you for years either, since you weren't using it. And it's the case for many other who do not. It's also the case for many other who are not overly disturbed by the current functionality - maybe because they aren't used to the the MFL interface or maybe because they are simply OK with what we have. POINT BEING....we get that improvements are needed, and the rankings is definitely an area where they are needed. But what may be a incredible inconvenience to some is not a big deal to others. So we have to prioritize development resources and decide what items come before others - and decide which items are more useful and/or more beneficial to the user and the overall experience. Just as we have since 2014 which was our first year on this platform. Lastly, another the reason why some items may be prioritized over others is because they may only take a few hours to complete. While other items may take days or even longer. There are many factors we are considering but the overall goal stays the same - continue making improvements, which is what are are doing.
  13. Response posted on that thread.
  14. MFL software is a product 20+ years in the making with the entire ownership and staff being made up of developers and coders. It's a good product, many feel it's a great product, possibly best in the industry. The FFPC platform is 4 years young and is improving slowing and steadily. But we won't have the features MFL has anytime soon. Maybe never in some cases. We know what are weaknesses are and have been working on a list where we have to prioritize development assets towards certain enhancements. And that's what we will continue to do indefinitely.