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  1. Now it's saying "DTD" instead. What does that mean? Just curious.
  2. I noticed a few of my players on my Team page say "UNK" in red next to the player's name. I don't recall seeing this before and I can't find any explanation anywhere. What does "UNK" mean? Thanks.
  3. A Draft Masters Dynasty league would be awesome. Between the one Dynasty league I am already in here and all the Live/In Person leagues I've been doing with my buddies for 20+ years, there just isn't enough time to properly manage any more leagues during the season. But a best ball league would be great, b/c then it would only take up time during the offseason, when Dynasty is the only thing that matters anyway. If you guys added a Draft Masters Dynasty with best ball and no waivers or in-season-trades (but still have off-season trades), I would definitely be in.
  4. I apologize if this has already been asked. I noticed that in the Dynasty leagues with the new website, the system will no longer allow you to offer a trade that will make either team go over the roster limit. But shouldn't the trade be allowed to go through, and then have whichever team goes over the limit then drop the necessary players? Otherwise, you can't offer, for example, Player A for a 2nd round pick. You need to add a player B to go along with the pick to make sure everyone stays within the limits. But that then changes the value of the trade because Player A might not be worth a 2nd AND player B. I'm probably not explaining that well, but I'm sure you know what I mean. You should be able to offer a player for a pick without worrying that it will put the other team over his limits. If he accepts the trade, he should then just be able to cut whoever he wants to get back under the limit. Wouldn't it make more sense to allow the trades to go through but then have each team needing to cut down to the necessary limits with in 12 or 24 hours or something? Just a suggestion anyway. I believe that is how it was on the old website. The new website is great by the way.
  5. $750 #5 is up and running, but the rookies are not included. Only free agents are showing up. And as cdubz mentioned, it looks like it still has the original draft picks, not the traded picks. Otherwise, looks great.
  6. I've seen several posts mention the "draft room," but I still don't see it for Dynasty $750 #5. Any idea when the draft rooms will go live for the dynasty leagues? I'm not complaining or trying to rush you guys at all. I know the transfer is a MAJOR project and you guys have been working your asses off. And I think it looks great so far. It's just with the 24th rapidly approaching, I was wondering when you guys think the draft rooms will be ready. Otherwise, everything seems to be coming together nicely. Thanks for all your hard work!