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  1. Just a question and a few comments... GREAT JOB on each small (and not so small) upgrade your team has been adding to the software! I've loved the ones I've noticed, and I'm sure there are even more flying under the radar. One request would be to pile on years as the years go on to the player stats and fantasy points we see when clicking on a player. So far it has been the current season, and the prior year, but if it were possible, it would be outstanding to have a dropdown that went back even further. Not looking for retroactive programming, but just adding a year as each year passes, so in 2020 we can click a dropdown box and still be able to see the breakdown schedules and fantasy production from 2019 through 2016. In a prefect world, it would be awesome to have some indicator on our "My Teams" page that showed you if you had oustanding trade offers for dynasty leagues. (like we have for rostered players on BYE) Some little alert built in. My question is this... Let's say I have a dynasty team with 5 players listed on IR. Being able to swap out one IR player for another IR player would be greatly beneficial. As is, I'm not sure how to make that switch. Right now, the players on IR have one dropdown option, DROP. I'd have to actually drop a coveted player from my dynasty active roster in order to move any player from IR back to active roster. I understand that makes sense when all 20 of your active roster is deemed healthy, but was looking for a fix when a team has more than 4 players on IR. Keep up the good work! Your software is bye FAR the best for dealing with multiple waiver wire teams, sorting via "last week" or "projected" etc. (adding a "rookie" option to the dropdown menu for searching the waiver wire (like you added to the drafting software this offseason...awesome!) would also be quite cool. Thanks a bunch for your ear!
  2. Well...after chopping out one team, it looks good to go. I got blocked in 47 countries, but USA ain't one. ;-) :-) Enjoy! Perfect timing to kickoff the season!
  3. Wondering if a solution is coming for the above dilemma. Unsure what step is needed to resolve.
  4. I'm not sure what to do here... I can now put RB Joe Williams on IR, but at the moment I am maxed out at three IR'd players. One of them is Andrew Luck, who I need to remove from IR to make room for Williams. Right now I click on the drop down button near IR'd Andrew Luck and the only option is "Drop Player" Does "dropping" Luck from IR place him back on my bench, or does dropping Luck mean dropping him to the waiver wire pool? Being maxed out at three, the drop down options on Joe Williams do not include the option to IR him. I see a deadline for removing Luck from IR by tomorrow, but unsure how to maneuver.
  5. For any rabid fantasy football fanatics... I've finished creating the 2017 draft slot allocation video I make as commish of my home league. This is a link to the file. In the upper left, there is a download link. In order to fully appreciate the video, I recommend waiting for it to download so it plays smoothly with no choppiness, (roughly 1 gig) and watching it on a big screen with loud speakers! Preferably reclined and with beverage of choice in hand!!At-FmLRFxEy-gtBiQ_rqXsTJIzOspw As always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!!!
  6. So we can stash our guys that ARE designated (up to three) on IR and keep 20 (dynasty) outside of those, correct? (up to a max of 23 if you happen to have three IR designated players.) Lucky You! ;-)
  7. If I could request one thing, it would be to invest some time/money in upgrading the "STATS" , "PLAYER STATS" part of the league website. As is, it is better off missing from the menu.
  8. WOW!!! From around $140 when I first posted on Bitcoin to today's current price of $2,727.22 (up 6.83% today) I wonder if it will get to the $10,000.00 range some predicted?
  9. Any chance of adding the live real-time clock (the 1:30 sec countdown timer) to the live draft board page? Sometimes things lock up or lag, but seeing the clock ticking would at least let you know nothing has frozen up on you while you wait your turn watching the live draft board.
  10. Another cool feature to add for live draft room: When you click and drag a player to move them around in your queue, it would be awesome if (for example) you could drag a player from the bottom of a long list, and when you reach the top of the shown queue, you could drag the player above the list, and the list would auto-toggle up. (All the way to the top if need be.) Kind of a pain in the butt to drag and place, drag and place, maybe 5 times or more to get a player at the bottom to eventually get further up the list as is.
  11. In the LIVE DRAFT ROOM, I would love to see "RK" for "ROOKIES" added to the bottom of the "FILTER BY" position drop down menu. Would save a ton of time vs. scanning for zero's in the to 2016 FP column.
  12. If you wrote up a 20 page ruling on how to resolve trade disputes or the like, it would just bust wide open the ability to game it. "Honor and eyeballs" seems to be the best system.
  13. Nice! Would bookmarking "unread topics" be the same as the old "new topics" or whatever it was called? Nice and clean.
  14. Non-technical gut reaction to how the 1st round felt re: "skill position" fantasy selections... CHI taking QB Mitch Trubisky: Paying to move up one spot showed the 49ers had no plan to go QB there, but CHI must have felt other teams were dialing up the 49ers and wanted to make sure they got their man. Like one of the dinosaur scouts from Moneyball might say..."He's sure got "The Look" of an NFL QB." Size, strong arm, short resume, but a marketable face of franchise. Mike Glennon and all of his early DE league drafters must have been a bit shocked. Maybe the brain trust in Chicago were sick of the thought of having to make virtual Halloween posters with Ichabod Crane as their QB. Maybe. JAC taking RB Leonard Fournette: The smoke was real. After stories ranging from JAC taking RB, then QB, then TE, they went RB. Ivory is a drop candidate now and Yeldon may play that Duke Johnson role to Fournette's Crowell role. Big winner here is Bortles so far. A true banger that will command the opposing defense to play honest, added to breakaway speed should he fit through the cracks. JAC not going QB, and the top three QB's being picked in the 1st, has me thinking despite all of the misdirect, Bortles will be in the drivers seat to start, regardless of if they draft a QB later. Not my favorite fit for Fournette, but it was a fairly expected pick. JAC may be trying to go the Cowboys route of improving their offense AND defense, by sustaining longer drives, allowing their defense proper rest between bursts. Elliot worked out amazingly well...not so certain the same will happen here, but his hype has been huge for two years now, so we shall see. TEN taking WR Corey Davis: My favorite WR of this draft class going to a team with a young and talented QB in Mariota is a sweet match. Having little comp and a real shot at taking the Alpha target share role in year one is icing on the super lotto. Has household name upside and should be a plug and play every week starter almost immediately. LAC taking WR Mike Williams: Rivers has had to work his magic with a pretty low pedigree WR corps for the past few years, and has done damn well considering. Adding Mike Williams to 2016 breakout Tyrell Williams, plus a returning Keenan Allen, speedster Bob Marley, and 2nd year stud Hunter Henry, (plus Gates) and we could be in store for a career type year if they are forced into shootouts. Nice landing spot for Williams, as the other stud level QB's around the league don't have too many "help wanted" signs for their WR stables. Not much standing in the way here, so we will get to see how good or not so good he really is soon enough. CAR taking RB Christian McCaffrey: Like everyone else is saying...if they were targeting him this early, they must have a clear featured role for him, or at least plan to use him for all he can handle. I'm not a big fan of this landing spot, but will keep my bias at bay and give them a chance before getting too down on it. Hopefully Cam will run less and less as he ages, and will be content to hand the ball off vs. running in the short TD's himself. Stewart figures to muddle the situation for 2017, but the large workload role is there for the taking, and that could really have a solid floor. DeAngelo Williams never surpassed 850 yards rushing while working with Newton, so I'm not sure the ceiling is very high for Easy Ed's son in CAR. Would have loved a few other landing spots much more, but this will have to do. CIN taking WR John Ross: Hot and cold Dalton should have no excuses for going cold, unless that injury bug just keeps biting the Bengals. AJ Green, Gio Bernard and Tyler Eifert should all return to full health, and adding a speedster should clear space underneath to work. LaFell, Boyd and Ross should compete for the scraps. If CIN traded for DJAX this offseason, I would be interested in that dynamic, but also be kind of ho-hum about it. Same goes for Ross landing here. KC taking QB Patrick Mahomes: Mahomes has a fun vibe. Like a mixture of Aaron Rodgers Psycho Swag, and Gronks Kegerator Swag. He will "Make the Chiefs Fun Again" IMO after years of boring offense. Andy Reid has had some exciting offenses in PHI, and Mahomes could get the Chiefs to that level soon. KC has more of a "win now" team, so Alex Smith should be in full-court cock-block through at least Thanksgiving, but he'd better be winning and playing well or he'll get the Kaep treatment yet again. HOU taking QB DeShaun Watson: Perfect fit IMO. A mature QB who knows how to win going to a Texans team in need of exactly that. His skill set should fit extremely well with fellow Clemson Tiger DeAndre Hopkins. HOU is another team built to win now, so we'll see how far Watson can take them as he gets accustomed to the NFL's speed and complexity. TB taking TE O.J. Howard: I was hoping for Cook here, but as a Jameis Winston owner and fan, I'll gladly take such a high level receiving weapon in his stead. The Bucs just keep getting better and better and are becoming one of my favorite teams watch. It was a bit unexpected, as TE Brate was fairly solid, but having two good TE's seems to be a trend on the rise. Nice fit. Nice upside. NYG taking TE Evan Engram: Too many cooks in the kitchen. Did it fill a team need? Yes. Is Engram talented? Yes. Will going to the Giants cap his upside? Yes. ODB, Marshall, Shepard and Engram make for a potentially sweet season for Eli, but I doubt Engram dominates the target share anytime soon. There were better landing spots for him, but there were some worse spots as well. How long will Eli last before the cliff takes him? 2017 should be golden at least, but Engram may be stuck in the shadows for the most part, but you never know. Hopefully it will not become a crab-pot situation with the target share. CLE taking TE David Njoku: Tic-tac-toe, three TE in a row! (at least for "skill position" picks) CLE trading back into the 1st round for a third pick was surprising enough, but taking Njoku when they already have a serviceable TE in Barnidge was a head scratcher. Could it be leverage to get Garoppolo some weapons? Is Kizer in their plans? I just cannot see CLE wasting such a talented offensive team with Kessler or Brock at the controls. "Sucking for (USC QB Sam) Darnold" may be a smart plan, but only if the team will stick by their coaching staff for a few more seasons of growth. Kind of a waste, as I had high hopes for Njoku sliding to the Steelers with the very next pick, so I can see why CLE cock-blocked an inter-division rival vs. having to defend him twice a year. All-in-all is was an excellent and exciting first round filled with elite level defensive players as well. Many RB, WR and TE's I like are still on the board, so tonight's continuation of the draft will be another must-see event!
  15. I don't speak fluent 'drunk' so I have no idea what you just said. I do...currently holding my Master's and progressing toward my Doctorate. Even I attempted to translate this code, I had nothing but the quickening rhythm of faster and faster bubble-popping sounds increasing in volume like a child blowing milk bubbles through a straw was creeping up behind me. I had to back out. I had to stop.