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  1. WOW!!! From around $140 when I first posted on Bitcoin to today's current price of $2,727.22 (up 6.83% today) I wonder if it will get to the $10,000.00 range some predicted?
  2. Any chance of adding the live real-time clock (the 1:30 sec countdown timer) to the live draft board page? Sometimes things lock up or lag, but seeing the clock ticking would at least let you know nothing has frozen up on you while you wait your turn watching the live draft board.
  3. Another cool feature to add for live draft room: When you click and drag a player to move them around in your queue, it would be awesome if (for example) you could drag a player from the bottom of a long list, and when you reach the top of the shown queue, you could drag the player above the list, and the list would auto-toggle up. (All the way to the top if need be.) Kind of a pain in the butt to drag and place, drag and place, maybe 5 times or more to get a player at the bottom to eventually get further up the list as is.
  4. In the LIVE DRAFT ROOM, I would love to see "RK" for "ROOKIES" added to the bottom of the "FILTER BY" position drop down menu. Would save a ton of time vs. scanning for zero's in the to 2016 FP column.
  5. If you wrote up a 20 page ruling on how to resolve trade disputes or the like, it would just bust wide open the ability to game it. "Honor and eyeballs" seems to be the best system.
  6. Nice! Would bookmarking "unread topics" be the same as the old "new topics" or whatever it was called? Nice and clean.
  7. Non-technical gut reaction to how the 1st round felt re: "skill position" fantasy selections... CHI taking QB Mitch Trubisky: Paying to move up one spot showed the 49ers had no plan to go QB there, but CHI must have felt other teams were dialing up the 49ers and wanted to make sure they got their man. Like one of the dinosaur scouts from Moneyball might say..."He's sure got "The Look" of an NFL QB." Size, strong arm, short resume, but a marketable face of franchise. Mike Glennon and all of his early DE league drafters must have been a bit shocked. Maybe the brain trust in Chicago were sick of the thought of having to make virtual Halloween posters with Ichabod Crane as their QB. Maybe. JAC taking RB Leonard Fournette: The smoke was real. After stories ranging from JAC taking RB, then QB, then TE, they went RB. Ivory is a drop candidate now and Yeldon may play that Duke Johnson role to Fournette's Crowell role. Big winner here is Bortles so far. A true banger that will command the opposing defense to play honest, added to breakaway speed should he fit through the cracks. JAC not going QB, and the top three QB's being picked in the 1st, has me thinking despite all of the misdirect, Bortles will be in the drivers seat to start, regardless of if they draft a QB later. Not my favorite fit for Fournette, but it was a fairly expected pick. JAC may be trying to go the Cowboys route of improving their offense AND defense, by sustaining longer drives, allowing their defense proper rest between bursts. Elliot worked out amazingly well...not so certain the same will happen here, but his hype has been huge for two years now, so we shall see. TEN taking WR Corey Davis: My favorite WR of this draft class going to a team with a young and talented QB in Mariota is a sweet match. Having little comp and a real shot at taking the Alpha target share role in year one is icing on the super lotto. Has household name upside and should be a plug and play every week starter almost immediately. LAC taking WR Mike Williams: Rivers has had to work his magic with a pretty low pedigree WR corps for the past few years, and has done damn well considering. Adding Mike Williams to 2016 breakout Tyrell Williams, plus a returning Keenan Allen, speedster Bob Marley, and 2nd year stud Hunter Henry, (plus Gates) and we could be in store for a career type year if they are forced into shootouts. Nice landing spot for Williams, as the other stud level QB's around the league don't have too many "help wanted" signs for their WR stables. Not much standing in the way here, so we will get to see how good or not so good he really is soon enough. CAR taking RB Christian McCaffrey: Like everyone else is saying...if they were targeting him this early, they must have a clear featured role for him, or at least plan to use him for all he can handle. I'm not a big fan of this landing spot, but will keep my bias at bay and give them a chance before getting too down on it. Hopefully Cam will run less and less as he ages, and will be content to hand the ball off vs. running in the short TD's himself. Stewart figures to muddle the situation for 2017, but the large workload role is there for the taking, and that could really have a solid floor. DeAngelo Williams never surpassed 850 yards rushing while working with Newton, so I'm not sure the ceiling is very high for Easy Ed's son in CAR. Would have loved a few other landing spots much more, but this will have to do. CIN taking WR John Ross: Hot and cold Dalton should have no excuses for going cold, unless that injury bug just keeps biting the Bengals. AJ Green, Gio Bernard and Tyler Eifert should all return to full health, and adding a speedster should clear space underneath to work. LaFell, Boyd and Ross should compete for the scraps. If CIN traded for DJAX this offseason, I would be interested in that dynamic, but also be kind of ho-hum about it. Same goes for Ross landing here. KC taking QB Patrick Mahomes: Mahomes has a fun vibe. Like a mixture of Aaron Rodgers Psycho Swag, and Gronks Kegerator Swag. He will "Make the Chiefs Fun Again" IMO after years of boring offense. Andy Reid has had some exciting offenses in PHI, and Mahomes could get the Chiefs to that level soon. KC has more of a "win now" team, so Alex Smith should be in full-court cock-block through at least Thanksgiving, but he'd better be winning and playing well or he'll get the Kaep treatment yet again. HOU taking QB DeShaun Watson: Perfect fit IMO. A mature QB who knows how to win going to a Texans team in need of exactly that. His skill set should fit extremely well with fellow Clemson Tiger DeAndre Hopkins. HOU is another team built to win now, so we'll see how far Watson can take them as he gets accustomed to the NFL's speed and complexity. TB taking TE O.J. Howard: I was hoping for Cook here, but as a Jameis Winston owner and fan, I'll gladly take such a high level receiving weapon in his stead. The Bucs just keep getting better and better and are becoming one of my favorite teams watch. It was a bit unexpected, as TE Brate was fairly solid, but having two good TE's seems to be a trend on the rise. Nice fit. Nice upside. NYG taking TE Evan Engram: Too many cooks in the kitchen. Did it fill a team need? Yes. Is Engram talented? Yes. Will going to the Giants cap his upside? Yes. ODB, Marshall, Shepard and Engram make for a potentially sweet season for Eli, but I doubt Engram dominates the target share anytime soon. There were better landing spots for him, but there were some worse spots as well. How long will Eli last before the cliff takes him? 2017 should be golden at least, but Engram may be stuck in the shadows for the most part, but you never know. Hopefully it will not become a crab-pot situation with the target share. CLE taking TE David Njoku: Tic-tac-toe, three TE in a row! (at least for "skill position" picks) CLE trading back into the 1st round for a third pick was surprising enough, but taking Njoku when they already have a serviceable TE in Barnidge was a head scratcher. Could it be leverage to get Garoppolo some weapons? Is Kizer in their plans? I just cannot see CLE wasting such a talented offensive team with Kessler or Brock at the controls. "Sucking for (USC QB Sam) Darnold" may be a smart plan, but only if the team will stick by their coaching staff for a few more seasons of growth. Kind of a waste, as I had high hopes for Njoku sliding to the Steelers with the very next pick, so I can see why CLE cock-blocked an inter-division rival vs. having to defend him twice a year. All-in-all is was an excellent and exciting first round filled with elite level defensive players as well. Many RB, WR and TE's I like are still on the board, so tonight's continuation of the draft will be another must-see event!
  8. I don't speak fluent 'drunk' so I have no idea what you just said. I do...currently holding my Master's and progressing toward my Doctorate. Even I attempted to translate this code, I had nothing but the quickening rhythm of faster and faster bubble-popping sounds increasing in volume like a child blowing milk bubbles through a straw was creeping up behind me. I had to back out. I had to stop.
  9. I just had the idea pop into my head after reading the post by Alex. It would be cool if the FFPC made something like those rubber wrist bands (black, maybe?) and gave them out upon check-in/registration. This way, we could see some stranger wearing it, and have something in common as an ice-breaker to introduce yourself. It is obvious who in playing in the FFPC during prime drafting hours when we wear our press-pass-like badge around our necks, but not so easy to spot FFPC'ers at the craps/roulette tables, poolside, etc. Just an idea.
  10. Just finished watching this in one go. Had to share. It is the epitome of Infotainment...WOW!
  11. The first post here sounded like this may be an ongoing relationship between the FFPC and Westgate. Is it safe to book rooms for 2017, or would it be wise to wait out the offseason's negotiations?
  12. "BEST IF READ WITH A MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY VOICE" January 26th, 2017 This is a story about five young men. In an earlier era, they may have shared a common "money shot" printed in shiny gold font on the business cards that got passed out to fine young women at frat parties, or if they were lucky enough to have bouncer hook ups, at college bars, reading "Georgia Bulldogs: Running Back." This train of thought started chugging with a trade offer in one of my FFPC Dynasty leagues early this morning, and what began as a thought filled email reply morphed into this quest as I channeled my inner Steve Eisman #thebigshort and once this idea got into my head, I just had to let it run its course. With the many ways one can frame an idea, I find the use of that motor-lifting workshop tool to be the most fun. Let us begin with the beginning. :-) The year was 2012. Facebook is king, but you keep hearing more and more whispers of some site called Twitter that your friends are joining. (Run while you still can!) Your poolside, lakeside, or mountainside vacation was a blast, but the chill in the air makes it quite clear that summer is over. You were blown away at how your new favorite HBO series could kill off its main characters and not miss a beat. It's a crisp September morning and another fine college football season is kicking off to bring you joy through the upcoming fall and winter months. You crack open a beer, flip on the flat screen, rock back the recliner and watch as they rotate in an 18 year old true-freshman phenom from Baltimore, MD. (Mental note...may leave open a possible future with the Ravens before he washes up.) This kid is handed the ball a mere eight times, but turns that token workload into 100 rushing yards and two touchdowns! You quickly learn his name: Todd Gurley. Fast forward a few short years and that young mans name is being called out by Roger Goodell early into the NFL draft's first night as a top 10 selection and the first running back off the board. He glides to the stage in his sharply dressed suit and million dollar smile, and the comparisons begin... "Top RB to come out of college since Adrian Peterson..." "Comps to Marshawn Lynch but with an added gear..." "Best-in-Class towing..." You guessed it...lots of hype. You know it, I know it, but I'm not so sure if many others in general know it. What is "it?" ...why of course it is that flopping fish out of water followed by a piano exploding! Really though, the real "it" is that deep down, Gurley's popularity comes at least partly from his marketability. Dude has an original look. Good guy. No stranger to the iron free weights part of the gym. Well spoken and tall. Nice teeth. Chic's dig him. He makes people stop and watch his commercials because he looks damn original and interesting and super cool. A stubby and balding, yellow toothed, out of shape RB with identical NFL stats on the other hand may already be getting phased out a bit more in La La Land. At least that is one mans theory. Sure, he had nice stats in college, but they were boosted by people like myself looking over his game logs, and then filling in all of those missed (due to injuries) games with imaginary real games and thinking his upside was through the roof. But is it? Back to 2012. Meet Keith Marshall. Roughly the same age (6 months older) as Gurley, and also an 18 year old true freshman. Subbing in and out behind the same Georgia Bulldogs road grading offensive line. Marshall ended the season with slightly better rushing and receiving numbers on a per touch basis than Gurley did in what turned out to be Gurley's best statistical season to date. WTF??? Gurley's best season of NCAA + NFL football came as an 18 year old "straight outta high school" true freshman??? Yup. For simplicity, I will represent the following terms in a shortened code from here on. I'll be using scrimmage statistics only, no special teams or return stats included. YPC = Yards Per Carry YPR = Yards Per Reception YPT = Yards Per Touch (Combining YPC and YPR) TDPT = TouchDowns Per Touch TC = Touch Count Todd Gurley 2012: (14 games) 238 TC: 6.2 YPC, 7.3 YPR, .071 TDPT, 6.31 YPT Keith Marshall 2012: (11 games) 128 TC: 6.5 YPC, 8.3 YPR, .070 TDPT, 6.64 YPT No need to wipe your eyes...those numbers look eerily similar. "Hey, what can I say...Georgia knows how to pick 'em" you might say as you walk to get another cold one. "Our scouts are the best at recruiting, we take pride in our run game, and the Bulldog motto is to "Smash it down their throats until they show they can stop us!" OK, then. Let's look deeper. How about Todd's 2013 sophomore season in Athens? Was that also Greek God-like? Well...let's take a look. What was that? Who is Todd? You know...Gurley. Todd Gurley. Why am I calling him Todd? I am well aware it sounds a lot like toad or a preppy white kid, but damn it that's his name! Pipe down. Now our old pal Keith from 2012 had the misfortune of going down with major injury not once, but twice in back-to-back seasons. He only lasted into week five in 2013, and week three in 2014, both times missing the remainder of the season. The good news is he is currently under contract in the NFL, so let's hope he can get right. For this story though, he has gone the way of Ned Stark. Here we get a different look at that Bulldog Machine, as they had their top two running backs go down to injury with Todd getting hurt in week four and then Keith getting hurt after a mere five carries into week five. Georgia being Georgia, they just plugged in a couple more of those highly recruited guys old Recliner Ralph mentioned a while back. These two running backs go by the names of Lajyrise (DMV ready!) and Brendan (Geez...ANOTHER preppy white kid name! Wait...what?...the elusive rarely seen...never mind.) Lajyrise Green goes by the more familiar nickname "J.J." and together with Brendan Douglas, here is what they combined to do while filling the running back role for three weeks (weeks 5, 6 and 7) until Gurley came back in week eight. I shall call them Joe and Johnny Blow. (AKA "The Blow Brothers") Todd Gurley 2013: (10 games) 202 TC: 6.0 YPC, 11.9 YPR, .079 TDPT, 7.07 YPT Blow Brothers 2013: (3 games) 90 TC: 5.1 YPC, 9.6 YPR, .020 TDPT, 6.35 YPT Now I know what you're thinking. "Damn, all of those stupid numbers and letters looks like Chinese to me." I said pipe down, Ralph! What I really think you might see if you look close here is that Gurley added some "eliteness" to his game insofar as his receiving chops and his yards per touch. His yards per carry dropped by a bit, but he gained everywhere else. The other thing worth noting is this... While he indeed crushed the Blow Brothers in every single category, they still managed to put up very high level production in that system. This is like the baseline that their system provides to running back laymen. Their entire team blocks so well that the 5 yards per carry are almost baked into the system. The Rams nor 90% of the NFL has an offensive line that dominant. There is something more you should know. J.J. Green and Brendan Douglas were not a couple of experienced veteran Bulldogs they just plugged in to fill the void. Nope. Both of the Blow Brothers were FRESHMEN and these were weeks 5, 6 and 7, so they had only a single month worth of college experience in a new system and in the SEC to boot! Compare their freshman numbers to Todd's freshmen numbers from 2012 and they don't look bad at all. If you are blind like me and have all of your screens zoomed in, go ahead and toggle up and look. Hence...GEORGIA MACHINE. Another footnote to show the magnitude of this well oiled running-based system is how our buddies Lajyrise and Brendan* (*turns out he actually was white) went on to anti-stardom, with one having to both transfer to another college and switch position to defense in order to continue his career and the other has faded into Bulldog obscurity. Round Three...FIGHT! How about Gurley's Junior season in 2014? He must be getting bigger, stronger, smarter and faster at the ripe old age of 20, right? Well...let's look at that "smarter" one first, shall we? I'm not one to make hell, yes I am! Where's the fun in being all reseeeeerved and proper like some boring Amish hat maker? Todd got popped for selling his wares (autographs and some memorabilia, mostly), and the rules are the rules, so the NCAA suspended him for four games. (weeks 6-9) Up until that point, Todd had been just CRUSHING IT with game logs that are frame-worthy. Like the character Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, he seemed to be saying "Get Over Here" to the Georgia all time single season rushing record...then the suspension hit and just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, he noticed his cave had a frozen puddle on the ground. Stepping out from the shadows comes Sub Zero: otherwise know as 18 year old true freshman Nicholas Jamaal Chubb. Finally, the first worthy opponent to challenge Gurley talent-wise since our old pal Keith left the scene! ...and challenge he did. When the dust settled on the 2014 season, these results were just insane... Todd Gurley 2014: (6 games) 135 TC: 7.4 YPC, 4.8 YPR, .066 TDPT, 7.17 YPT Now the yards per carry and yards per reception look almost like they should be flipped, but Gurley was dropping an average of 165 yards and 2 full TD per game through week five. But.... But? But what? What are you talking about with this "But..." thing there? Enter The Chubb! For some context, Nicholas Jamaal Chubb wasn't a junior like Todd, who now had three season of summer sessions and meetings and practice and film room and playbook study, plus two seasons of experience vs. SEC competition. Nope, Nick was chilling in high school five month before his first Bulldog game. Chilling like Sub Zero. No fear of the big stage. Ice in his veins. What he did is now legend. In Chubb's first game as the new true freshman starter after only one summer to prep and a measly five weeks of games to learn from , he drops 174 yards from scrimmage and a TD! He then follows that up in his second game as starter with 210 yards and 2 TD! SEC! Third game you ask? 215 yards and 2 more TD! Legend. To make matters worse for Gurley, in his very first game back off of suspension, rather than reclaiming his Alpha status, he unfortunately ended up tearing his ACL, and was lost for the season. Nick Chubb's final freshman numbers looked like this. I'll compare them to Todd's almost identical touch count freshman year (which were his best overall totals) side by side... Todd Gurley 2012: (14 games) 238 TC: 6.2 YPC, 7.3 YPR, .071 TDPT, 6.31 YPT (Gurley's freshman season) Nick Chubb 2014: (13 games) 237 TC: 7.1 YPC, 11.8 YPR, .067 TDPT, 7.42 YPT (Chubb's freshman season) Chubb-Rock totals from 2014 in the games Gurley missed and Chubb was running the show: (7 games) 188 yards from scrimmage per game, 1.6 TD per game. He saved his best for last in the BELK BOWL (WTF?) where he went for 266 yards rushing and 2 TD! WOW! Now it is sort of fun noting (and as yet another dig) that even in the NFL, his seat warmer RB (while the rookie Gurley was getting his body ready to play) Benny Cunningham went for 122 yards from scrimmage week 1 vs. the vaunted Seattle Seahawks defense who one game (that counts) prior, won Superbowl XLVIII 43-8 over the Broncos! I'm just sayin. ;-) Gurley had a pretty damn good (not super great) rookie season with the Rams, and that was taking into account the recent surgery that forced him to sit out much of the NFL combine, so most were holding their expectations back a bit as he healed. Now his second season as a pro had most in the fantasy realm drooling over what Todd could do. Plenty of time removed from surgery, a year of experience under his belt, the sky was the limit and he was being drafted as such with the expectation of improvements across the board. Then 2016 happened. Todd Gurley 2016: (16 games! Career best!) 321 TC: (career best!) 3.2 YPC (YIKES!!! Career worst!), 7.6 YPR, .018 TDPT (YIKES!!! Career worst!), 3.77 YPT (YIKES!!! Career worst!) Outside of FINALLY being used more in the passing game, he suffered mass-regression. Blame the move to Los Angeles and the distractions that come with coastal California living if you wish. Blame that idiot they called coach. Blame the team lacking any threat of a passing attack. Blame the offensive line and lack of creativity in play calling. Blame my stuffed polar bear named "Ssssnowbear!" Whatever floats your boat, those numbers were downright scary. After reading all of this, and then breaking down Gurley's brand spanking new 2016 season where he fell to a less than pedestrian 3.78 yards per touch (YIKES! Even Trent Richardson had an NFL career average of 4.04 yards per touch!) it should at the very least get your radar up. Speaking of ole' TRich...I have a theory that he would make an excellent change of pace RB with receiving chops similar to a poor mans Tevin Coleman or a Duke Johnson, but I think the premature balding completely stole his mojo. Hell, that's also worse than the 4.7 yards per touch that Tre Mason had in 2014 when he had high hopes to run that town. The very season before Gurley's name was called out in the draft, causing Tre to go sobbingly running up the stairs with his face in his hands a la old freckles herself Janet Brady...never to be heard from again. We miss you, Tre! So there it gift to all of you Todd dynasty owners. Sell... Sell... SELL!!! Todd Gurley has ZERO touchdown receptions in the past 3 years despite 76 receptions! Where is the wiggle? Where is the drive? Remove his first 5 games, and his career NFL rushing avgerage is 3.43 YPC! Elite? You can get a boatload in trade now, but it may dry up a bit. May not dry up a ton, but juuuuust enough to bleed his trade value as well as bleeding your team that expected the production of a top startup pick. This was a prophesy wrapped up in a tale of five young men. Was one of them truly the elite once-in-a-generation talent that was proclaimed? Is it more the system they play in? With Chubb deciding to stay and play one more season behind that Road Grading offensive line, we will have to wait and see who (if any) was the real generational player, and who may be just a marketable mirage. Can you get yards on your own, or do you need those big holes? I imagine all five of our characters in this story scooting over and squeezing into that beautiful black '65 Lincoln Continental from the intro to Entourage. Los Angeles sunset turning to darkness. Warm slow-rolling ocean breeze fills the air with a dancing mix of salt water and restaurant foods as they close the suicide doors and turn on some tunes. Todd, Keith, J.J., Brendan and Nick. Bulldogs. As they start to pull away and merge into cruising SoCal traffic with eye candy in all directions, I see them high five in celebration and can make out the words "They finally came, check 'em out!" Puzzled, I start to walk away, then turn around just in time to catch a glimpse of the new glossy yellow font on black background, throwback legacy license plate that reads... " LAJYRISE." :-)
  13. I'm pretty frustrated with how things currently are in FFPC Dynasty regarding the hiding of pick numbers in both the "Trade Excecuted Notification" emails as well as in the league "week 17" transaction log. When the picks are known, which they are after week 16 is final, all picks in every place they are recorded, should be shown with full transparency exactly what that pick is. For redundancy's sake, why aren't trades also showing up front and center in our league's main "Transactions" log near the league "Recent Messages" area? Seeing stuff like this has almost zero value without knowing what the picks were. Team A: Trades 2017 2nd and 2017 5th Team B: Trades 2017 3rd, and 2017 4th and 2017 7th I cannot tell if the 2nd was a late 2nd and 3rd was an early 3rd to give it context without becoming a damn sleuth. Sure, you can go and check out the updated "Future Picks" and then click (again???) on "Pick View" but that is a bit ridiculous, don't you think? For example, there were two trades by the same teams in one of my leagues that were made within a few minutes of each other, that when combined look like this... Team A received: 2017 2.06 Team B received: two 2017 5ths, a 6th and a 7th. If that is not lopsided and unusual and fishy, I don't know what it is. I may be incorrect in my research, but I think that is what went down. Is that fair market value lumping a bunch of late junk picks together and getting in return a top 18 player?
  14. League: Transactions: Week 17 (If memory serves me)
  15. After really enjoying the book Flash Boys, following up on it has also been fun. This seems to be some important information worthy of sharing and spreading to more people.