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  1. You could always change the updates in progress message to this?
  2. The 1250 #8 spot was filled and the new guy has already pulled 6 trades in 4 days. Thats just how we roll!
  3. 1250 #8 has a team for sale boys! It's the best dyno league in ffpc. We have a chat that's been going daily for 2 years. We have the GOAT: cat like reflexes in the league. We have tough guys like: Chef. We have prudent guys like Bellysan. We have crazy good traders like Tapei Tony himself: team747. We have crazy bad traders like Nee Guy. We have boastful champs like "donutman" Long Johns. We have a a podiatrist that sends pictures of half chopped off feet every other week to the group ..the doc himself: GWWYG. And Don't even get me started on Stan. Get in while you can and play in Ffpc's #1 league.
  4. Go get em doc! That teams worth 2 large, easy. Sammy Watkins alone is worth a Benny Franklin!
  5. You could list total league trades during the previous year with each orphan to give an idea of activity. You could use it as a selling point for orphans in active leagues as well.
  6. Uh, chef you left me out of the " active traders" list. Since our 1250 league started last year ive had 28 trades. Tony had 2nd most with 18. So invictus join ths startup if you want some action,
  7. It only takes one news byte to get big brother involved to protect us. That's would make for a saucy story..."hackers were able to access data from thousands of online players and prey on their tendencies. Little Joey lost his college fund playing high stakes fantasy". Lost a 500k a year affiliate revenue stream from online poker for the exact same thing. Sometimes perception is more important than reality. Just something to consider.
  8. Good point. Send me an email with your name, team name and league and I will sell off your team and you won't need to worry about this any longer. Oh and let me tell you about the fantasy industry: 1. It has a 90%+ historical failure rate among contest operators. 2. It has very low gross margins. 3. Custom-built league management software is neither easy, nor cheap. 4. Phenoms is in bankruptcy court due (in part) to software expenses. 5. I do not code software, but simply pass along times, dates and messages from developers. 6. We have tried to get software done as soon as we possibly can. 7. MyFantasyLeague does not have 2015 leagues open yet. 8. We are profitable and have never had a financial issue. 9. We may not hit software deadlines on time, but we always pay on time...since we control that part of the business. 10. We are a privately run business and we can choose to fire a customer if he no longer is worth the time, hassle and turmoil he creates just like customers can choose not to play with us if they choose. 11. I own 50% of that business so I cannot be outvoted if I make a decision on something like this. Have a good night. As a fellow business owner my experience is...whatever the IT guy says... Double it and add a month.