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  1. While not updated yet with 2017 - here is the page with all the winners http://myffpc.com/ffpccontent/play/dynasty-leagues/kings-of-dynasty/
  2. This may have been addressed elsewhere in the past but I know it would be extremely helpful to know which members of each league have renewed. By opening up trading this soon after the season ended currently we are able to make trade offers to anyone in the league regardless of their renewal status. Trading should be disabled until renewal deadline date or only allowed to those that have renewed. PS - great idea on the orphan team for sale page - very helpful. One thing I have heard from some owners is that they are reluctant to buy an orphan without checking out the whole league. Is this possible?? LJ
  3. You have to have room on your bench to put Luck back on your bench. With you being maxed out at IR spot not sure how you go about doing that swap without dropping a player.....
  4. August 22, 2017 5:00 pm Broncos' Jake Butt: Likely headed to PUP by RotoWire Staff | RotoWire Butt (knee) is likely headed for the regular-season PUP list, Nicki Jhabvala of The Denver Post reports. The rookie from Michigan is still recovering from a torn ACL. If placed on the PUP list, Butt would be eligible to return to the Broncos after the first six regular season games.
  5. I dont see any players list on the official Broncos injured list from the team site....with all these players going down (Enunwa, Meredith, Dixon, etc) it would be extremely helpful I believe if there was 1 link that was on the league page to direct you to "The List".....
  6. Got it...my bad....i thought the designation was from FFPC....sorry for the confusion.....
  7. I hear ya Dave - but how can one league on FFPC have him with an IR tag and another does not??
  8. So in looking through different dyno league roster pages Jake Butt is listed as IR in one league but not another. Can you share the link to the site FFPC uses for IR/PUP tags? Thanks guys
  9. Good to hear Dave - I think they would be popular as well. Look forward to an announcement
  10. No worries, was just curious as your post said it was coming......
  11. Dave - just checking...has the feature for blocking people from trading if they have not paid/renewed active??
  12. Damn Chef....looks like everyone is on to your strategy.....
  13. A true F_____ Alpha Chef wouldnt need to go around broadcasting it in his title....LMAO