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From one ex-headbanger to another, thks.

Made it out alive. Ha, ha...



HA, yeah still kicking it.  Should be any day they switch things up and post schedule.

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I tried looking it up a bit, but just wanted to confirm...


Now that "everyone" in dynasty is paid up and cut down to 16, is trading back on the menu? :)


Yes, go for it. Dinner is served. :)


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I see now that you can click "reply" on emails about trade offers and rejections and it sends an email to the owner that sent it.  What a HUGE improvement!!!!  Thank you.


Is this currently working?  I've sent replies and no one ever replies back.

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This post and thread is meant to convey all dynasty league announcements, upgrades, rules and other changes for 2016. This will be sent to all owners in the form of an email.  


Important FFPC Dynasty Dates:


January 21st - Deadline for non-returning owners to notify FFPC to list team for sale.

February 28th - Roster cut downs to 16 players. (1 K and 1 D and no one left on IR).

April 28th - 30th - NFL Draft weekend. (Come join Dave and Eric in Chicago!)

May 14th - Rookie/free agent drafts begin.

August 27th - Bidding opens for preseason waiver run #1.

August 31st - Roster cut downs to 20 players.

September 2nd - Preseason waiver run #1.

September 7th - Preseason waiver run #2. ("my kicker got cut" waivers) 

November 18th - Trade deadline.


Dynasty Announcements and Rules Changes.


1. We are finally accepting credit cards for dynasty leagues.


That includes league fees, deposits, and entry fees.  This will improve convenience for owners and for us. To help offset a portion of rates of credit card fees (4%+), there will be a small effect on payouts for $750-$2500 leagues. $500 league payouts are affected by just $50.  


2. By popular request, we have increased payouts to the #1 and #2 seeds in $500, $750 and $1250 leagues.


We got close to paying back the full entry fee to #1/#2 seeds, but wanted to maintain strong payouts to 1st place as well. Prize structures are below.


$500 Dynasty Leagues


Regular Season Prizes (Weeks 1-13)


Seed #1 $400 / Seed #2 $400


League Playoffs Prizes (Weeks 14-16)


1st - $2,500

2nd - $1,000

3rd - $500  


$750 Dynasty Leagues


Regular Season Prizes (Weeks 1-13)


Seed #1 $650 / Seed #2 $650


League Playoffs Prizes (Weeks 14-16)


1st - $3,700

2nd - $1,500

3rd - $750

4th - $400  


$1,250 Dynasty Leagues


Regular Season Prizes (Weeks 1-13)


Seed #1 $1,000 / Seed #2 $1,000


League Playoffs Prizes (Weeks 14-16)


1st - $7,000

2nd - $2,500

3rd - $1,250

4th - $500  


$2,500 Dynasty Leagues 


Regular Season Prizes (Weeks 1-13)


Seed #1 $2,500 / Seed #2 $2,500


League Playoffs Prizes (Weeks 14-16)


1st - $12,500

2nd - $5,000

3rd - $3,000

4th - $1,500


3. FFPC Dynasty trade deadline EXTENDED by one week. 


In past seasons it was week 10.  This year it will be Friday, November 18th at midnight PT. It seems like most owners do prefer a somewhat later trade deadline so they have a better idea as to whether their team has a good shot at the playoffs or start working on building for the following season. Should increase trade activity which is fun.


4. IR'ed players picked up via waivers can be placed on FFPC Injured Reserve.  


This rule was impossible to enforce well. Some may disagree, but IMO it is not really that big of a deal to permit it. If an owner wants to park a player on his IR all season and carry him or her through roster cuts down to 16 (when all players must be activated with no IR), more power to him or her.


5. NFL players on PUP and NFI (non-football injury list) can now be placed on FFPC Injured Reserve.


In 2015, they had to remain on the active roster. Literally everyone wants to be able to IR PUP list guys while they are on PUP. 


6. We are adding a 2nd preseason waiver period heading into NFL week one for FFPC dynasty leagues.


This will be a normal waiver period on Wednesday, September 7th at 10 pm ET. This will help if anyone has a kicker (or other player) that gets cut by their NFL team during final roster cuts.


7. Offseason roster requirements, reduced 3 RBs and 3 WRs required to 2 RBs required and 2 WRs required.



Dynasty Improvements Coming:


We have a number of improvements on the way for dynasty and overall FFPC leagues as well.


Those include: 

  • Improved trade emails.
  • Roster counts in additional places.
  • Updating draft rooms and trade offers to show all traded picks by number (ex. 2.09).
  • Auto-pay when dealing a future 1st.
  • Renew leagues one at a time. 
  • Improved league chat.
  • Set future lineups.
  • Live scoring improvements. 
  • Bid group copy/paste improvements. 
  • Auto-replace QB, K and D in lineup if only one is dropped. 
  • Show current playoff teams in league standings.

There may be more improvements that I am missing as well. 


That pretty much covers it. The 2016 season will be another exciting year for FFPC Dynasty leagues. You can see the passion as owners are already starting to make trades and positioning their teams for roster cuts and the 2016 rookie draft. Bring on the draft!


Did a similar announcement come out for 2017 Dynasty year?


I'm specifically wondering about the date for rookie drafts.  I was almost certain it was 2 weeks after the NFL draft when I booked a trip beginning May 30th.  Now, all my league home pages say the rookie draft starts on Tuesday, May 30?

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Dynasty drafts will start on Saturday, May 10th, per the rules. Start times will be in the AM and staggered to avoid slowing the server. The May 30th date is a placeholder as the tech team just flipped into 2017.

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Just a question and a few comments...

GREAT JOB on each small (and not so small) upgrade your team has been adding to the software!  I've loved the ones I've noticed, and I'm sure there are even more flying under the radar.

One request would be to pile on years as the years go on to the player stats and fantasy points we see when clicking on a player. So far it has been the current season, and the prior year, but if it were possible, it would be outstanding to have a dropdown that went back even further. Not looking for retroactive programming, but just adding a year as each year passes, so in 2020 we can click a dropdown box and still be able to see the breakdown schedules and fantasy production from 2019 through 2016.

In a prefect world, it would be awesome to have some indicator on our "My Teams" page that showed you if you had oustanding trade offers for dynasty leagues. (like we have for rostered players on BYE) Some little alert built in.

My question is this...

Let's say I have a dynasty team with 5 players listed on IR. Being able to swap out one IR player for another IR player would be greatly beneficial.  As is, I'm not sure how to make that switch.  Right now, the players on IR have one dropdown option, DROP.  I'd have to actually drop a coveted player from my dynasty active roster in order to move any player from IR back to active roster.  I understand that makes sense when all 20 of your active roster is deemed healthy, but was looking for a fix when a team has more than 4 players on IR.

Keep up the good work!  Your software is bye FAR the best for dealing with multiple waiver wire teams, sorting via "last week" or "projected" etc.  (adding a "rookie" option to the dropdown menu for searching the waiver wire (like you added to the drafting software this offseason...awesome!) would also be quite cool.

Thanks a bunch for your ear! :D

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