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Well though I didn't make playoffs in one of my leagues I will say that the dynasty playoff format is very good as it allows many teams to stay in it until the end. VIctory Points are also a good format. Anyway here was the close finish. It does hurt a little to be 7th as this is one of the $2500 leagues.

For those who haven't done VP league or Dynasty (which uses VP) you should consider it!


6. Team A 7-6 26 VPs 1760 points

7. Team B 7-6 26 VPs 1720 points

8. Team C 6-7 25 VPs 1767 points

9. Team D 6-7 25 VPs 1730 points


Note A and C are in same division as are B and D. Of course none are division leader.


Shaun Z

Loonie Toonies

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The other thing I will say is that in dynasty you can take an abandoned team and turn it around, though not totally there yet. In this same league I joined last year in a dispersal draft of 3 abandoned teams (so you can imagine the available players). I don't have a single player still left from 18 months ago. . So in the offseason if dynasty teams come up for sale, consider taking on the challenge. (As most teams I did get hit with some injuries and I had these players before they went on IR)


2015 (pre rookie draft)

QB: Rivers, Dalton

RB: Foster, j Stewart, Blount

WR: K Allen, Torrey Smith, Crabtree, Wallace, Adams, Lafell

TE: H Miller, Fleener

2015 2.03 and some other draft picks.




QB: Manning, Tannehill

RB: McCoy, Lacy (IR), Vereen (IR), Sproles, C West, Asiata, Ferguson

WR: Nelson, Sanders, Decker (IR), Shepard, Tyrell Williams, JJ Nelson, Sanu, Gabriel, Thielen

TE: Graham, Rudolph

And I still have my 2017 1st, 3rd and some other draft picks


I should be able to compete for playoffs again next year

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