$250, $500 and $750 Dynasty Teams Available for 2017

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Hi all. I am going to start listing existing FFPC $250, $500 and $750 dynasty teams for sale. These are $250, $500 and $750 teams only. Do not miss out on these!   :)


If you want $1250 and $2500 leagues, please go here:




A few comments:

1. All teams are listed at their current price below. We may consider an offer based on the team and time is has been listed for sale. The first person to email me and offer the listed price gets it. Email dave@myffpc.com to pick up a team listed below. 

2. All new owners must pay the full initial one-time deposit regardless of purchase price. ($100 for $250, $250 for $500 and $350 for $750 leagues.)

3. Payment may be made via player account, credit cards, bank ACH or check. 


4. Our focus is on filling existing leagues first and foremost. We do not currently have any startups scheduled for 2017. That could eventually change or it may not.


5. Teams will get listed and removed as they are sold.




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You could consider a 3 team dispersal draft for $750 #12.


True. We don't want to do that because:


1. They are a giant pain to run, so I am trying to avoid that if possible.


2. And none of the 3 teams are so in need of work that it requires a dispersal IMO.

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Added a late $750 team due to this owner now being unable to play fantasy due to gaining employment in a tightly regulated industry. 

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